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Skin Tag Removal, Skin Tags

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Skin tags are those annoying little pieces of oddly shaped thick skin which are attached to the skin. Some skin tags may have a stalk or peduncle making them hang from, or stick up off, the skin. These skin tags can occur just about anywhere on the body. But the most common places for skin tags to appear are the eyelids and around the eye. Often these areas are very fragile and this makes traditional skin tag removal methods more difficult, such as freezing skin tags and surgery. As the eyelids are so visible, this is the most likely place from where people would like to have them removed. There are several skin tag treatment methods available.

What Problems can Skin Tags Cause?

Although these skin tags are nothing to worry about as they are a benign condition, they can be a problem when they get caught on clothes and jewellery. If they appear on your neck, these skin tags can get in the way during a haircut. The armpit region is another area where skin tags are often found. This can be a problem for women wanting to shave that area, making it difficult to shave around the skin tags without catching on them or cutting them.

How to Remove Skin Tags

You might try to treat skin tags symptoms yourself by snipping off with a pair of scissors. However, this is considered a very risky procedure because of the chance of infection and excessive bleeding. Also, you might have mistaken the skin tag for some other skin growth such as a mole or a hemagioma and these should definitely not be removed by you at home in such a way.

Many people suffering from skin tags will approach a dermatologist for help in removing them. In this case, the skin tags will be removed surgically which involves cutting around the skin tag itself. This can be quite an expensive operation and there is no guarantee that firstly, there will be no scarring and secondly, that the skin tag will not return at some later date. There may also be some pain involved with this form of skin tag removal.

Preferred Treatment for Removal of Skin Tags

One of the best ways to go about  skin tag treatment is to use a natural formula which is applied directly onto the skin tag.