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Thrush: Causes, Signs and Treatment

Thrush is a popular or common name for a yeast infection of the mouth. This can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. The mouth harbors yeast just like most other moist areas of the human body. Certain medicines and immune defieincy illnesses may affect the balance of moisture in the mouth which can cause a yeast overgrowth which develops into thrush. 

The Appearance of a Thrush Mouth Infection

Thrush will usually look like small white milky patches on the tongue. If this cannot be simply brushed or scraped off or bleeding starts, then it may be an oral yeast infection. Thrush may also appear as red spots or bumps on the tongue but do not confuse these with acid bumps. Thrush can then spread inside the mouth to the roof of the mouth and down into the throat. Like most infections, if the thrush in the mouth is not treated, it will become worse.

Thrush Treatment

Thrush is a condition that is fairly easy to remedy. It requires a mix of proper diet as well as an anti-fungal treatment designed to effectively treat thrush.

Signs of a Thrush Infection

As outlined above, a person suffering from thrush will have white patches inside the mouth.  Thrush will also affect your sense of taste in much the same way as when you have a cold and your food has no taste. Stomach aches are aa possible symptom when accompanied by white patches in the mouth. Thrush will often occur or become worse when a person has an immune deficiency.

Thrush in the mouth mostly occurs in babies, young children and older people.  Remember that thrush, like any infection, will become worse if not treated.

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