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  • Hearing Aids Could Have An Additional Benefit, Protecting Against Dementia

    With more and more of the aging population having their hearing tested and then opting to wear hearing aids, there is apparently an added advantage - apart from improved hearing.
  • What is OCT & its Link with your Eye Health?

    There is a new procedure available for all patients when having their eye exam at the optometrist.  It is known as OCT.
  • Those 6-Pack Plastic Rings Can Cause So Much Harm

    Those plastic hooks used to connect drink cans together have been used for decades and it has long been known how lethal they can be for wildlife. But why has it taken so long for something to be done about it?
  • Why You Should Never Re-Use Plastic Bottles!

    Plastic bottles have a numbering system to denote the type of plastic they are made from.  We might think we are helping the environment by re-using plastic bottles but many of them can leach toxic chemicals when they are re-used.
  • Nude Shopping Is Right On Trend!

    We all know there is far too much plastic in the world today. Find out how going "Nude Shopping" could help resolve part of the problem...
  • Ironing & Is It Just A Task From The Past?

    We all know that ironing has been falling out of favor for some time but could the change to a more natural way of life mean that ironing could make a return once more?
  • Do Gel Manicures Pose A Risk To Your Nails?

    Are you someone who regularly enjoys a gel manicure? If so, are you concerned about any risks to your health?
  • Homes Should Not Be Just For People, But For Nature Too!

    Like many places, there is a shortage of affordable housing here in the UK, so the Government constantly encourages housing associations and developers to build more - but this is often at the cost of losing local farm or even green belt land with a very sad outcome for wildlife and the environment. Find out how one building company has been doing things differently...
  • Synthetic Enamel & Is This The Way Forward For Tooth Repair?

    Researchers in the UK and the USA have been working on and have now developed new ways to grow materials which could regenerate hard tissues such as dental enamel and even bone. Find out more...
  • Seaweed Sunscreen, Safer for the Skin & the Sea

    More than fourteen thousand tons of toxic sunscreen are released into the sea every year - directly by swimmers and more indirectly from sinks, showers and bathtubs. What can we do to stop prevent this?
  • Gold Dust For Acne & Other Fairy Tales!

    The manufacturers are planning on curing the skin condition of acne with the help of gold dust but how will this work?
  • The Tip Tapping Typewriter Is Right Back On Trend!

    The actor Tom Hanks has an unusual hobby - he loves collecting old typewriters. More people than ever are lavishing love and attention on these vintage typewriters. Find out a little bit more about why...