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Health Blog

  • Top Ten Reasons Why Cigarette Butts are so Toxic to the Environment

    Many smokers are not doing the right thing as far as safely disposing of their cigarette butts and the rest of us, together with the environment, are faced with the problems this carelessness causes...
  • Top 10 Insights To Share On The Subject Of Shingles

    We are encouraged to view chicken pox as a dangerous disease that children should not be allowed to develop. However, it is not life threatening and it is actually the natural form of defence (as you grow older) from a far more serious condition
  • Myths & Legends Surrounding the Tetanus Shot

    When you consider the question of vaccines, immunizations and tetanus, it makes no sense at all to attempt to immunize someone after the infection has occurred. Vaccine manufacturers have never claimed that their vaccines have the power to cure.
  • Winter Colds & Flu? You Can Prevent Them The Natural Way

    Now that it is getting closer to the winter months in the northern hemisphere, don't put off getting your immune system in tip top condition to prevent those seasonal colds and flu bugs. 

    Nobody wants to suffer from the misery of colds and flu so this is a case where prevention is so much better than a cure.

  • Are You For Or Against HPV Vaccinations?

    Cervical cancer is the second highest cancer killer of women after breast cancer The HPV virus, which is carried by men and sexually transmitted, can increase the risk of developing cervical cancer.