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  • Natural Relief From Hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids are surprisingly common with three out of every four adults experiencing the pain and discomfort of this skin condition during their lifetime.  It is the swollen veins in the rectum and anus that lead to this pain and discomfort.

    We share information on the different types and their symptoms along with our top ten tips on how to help to heal those hemorrhoids...

  • Your Bathroom Habits Can Make a Difference

    It is good to know, for your own good health and wellbeing, that there are better ways to actually have a bowel movement. 

    And this advice affects everyone because the average person will have at least one bowel movement each day.

  • Hemorrhoids or Fissures?

    Although these two conditions both appear in the same area, there are distinct differences...

    For example, a hemorrhoid is when a vein in the anus becomes swollen while an anal fissure is when there is a tear or a crack in the anus.

    We share more information about the symptoms, causes and ways to tackle these two conditions...

  • Top Tips for Dog Owners on How to Use Essential Oils


    We want to care for our dogs, giving them all the love and attention they deserve - and one of the ways we can help them (when there is a need) is through essential oils. 

  • The Danger of Developing Hemorrhoids when Lifting Heavy Objects

    It is very important to lift heavy objects in a safe manner otherwise you could be putting your back, shoulders, knees and other joints at risk of injury or you could end up with hemorrhoids.