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Health Blog

  • Can Mushrooms Provide You With Vitamin D?

    Vitamin D deficiency is a worldwide problem but could including mushrooms in your diet help to raise your levels of vitamin D?

  • Your Hardworking Hands Will Thank You For Your Care

    Most of us are fortunate indeed to have two strong hardworking hands that are kept busy throughout the day and yet, do we give their welfare a second thought?

    Whether we are doing the household chores, working in the garage or the garden or subjecting our hands to lots of water, we do need to give them some TLC (tender loving care) – and regularly.

  • How to Avoid the Dangers from Falling

    Falling can become a real problem especially as you age.

    It is said that one third of those over the age of 65 will fall at least once a year.

    Over the age of 80 and that can rise to fifty percent.

    Accidents involving falling are the second biggest cause of death by accidental injury - only exceeded by road accidents.

    We share some suggestions on how the reduce the risk...

  • Top Ten Tips for Keeping Fit in the Winter Months

    If you live in the Northern Hemisphere with cold winters, it can be more of a challenge to stay fit and healthy between the months of November and March until the weather starts to warm up again.

    We share ten of our top tips Top tips to make it easier for you to stay fit and healthy - and cheerful!

  • Five Ways to Lessen Your Anxiety

    When winter appears and our exposure to sunshine diminishes, this can seriously affect our mental health and happiness while increasing our anxiety.
  • Top Ten Tips to Keep Your Children Healthy at School

    With cooler weather coming in the northern hemisphere, and our children back at school after their summer vacations, we might find that they are picking up bugs.

    We share some top ten tips on how can we best protect them going forward to ensure they stay as healthy as possible in the coming months?

  • Vitamin D and How Too Little is Often Recommended

    The whole problem with Vitamin D is that you cannot get much of this vital vitamin from what you eat.

    And added to that is, although the medical profession are in agreement that raising your vitamin D levels is a good thing, they continue to recommend laughably low recommendations for vitamin D intake in solving the ongoing deficiency epidemic.  Higher vitamin D intake will also help to reduce adverse health conditions.

    Find out more about the importance of testing your levels and how to go about increasing your vitamin D intake...

  • Your Gut Needs a Good Vacation Too!

    Even if you are really good about taking care of your gut health most of the time, you may be tempted to lapse into less healthy ways when going on vacation or enjoying special occasions.  We share some suggestions to keep your gut health on track whether at home or away...
  • How To Supplement For Your Decade?

    We have written a couple of earlier posts - one on different exercises for each decade and another on how to eat for your decade. 

    Now we are going to focus on those supplements that are especially needed for each decade and when we might need extra vitamins and minerals. 

    This post is aimed at women in particular.

  • Did You Know There is an Optimum Time of Day to Do These Tasks?

    We have written before about the best time of the day to take your vitamins but now we share the optimum time of the day to do other tasks...

    Of course everyone will have their own idea on what suits them and it is always best to get a task done rather than putting something off indefinitely.

    However, if you feel you would like to learn more about what certain experts consider the best times of the day for certain things to be done, we share some information...

  • How to Gain These Benefits But Without Any Pain

    We all remember the saying "No pain, no gain"!

    But what if we shared a whole list of ways to make you feel healthier and happier, actual gains without the pains...

  • Tips For Dark Circles and Dark Spots

    Dark spots or age spots can start to appear as we get older, particularly over the age of fifty, with the appearance of small, flat dark areas on the skin.  Younger people can also develop these age spots if they spend a lot of time in the sun.

    Dark circles under the eyes are a common cosmetic concern that can make you look tired, unhealthy, and older than your actual age. 

    Find out more about dark spots on your face and dark circles under your eyes