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  • The Old Fashioned Barber Shop is Back in Popularity

    With beards back in fashion and sharper hair cuts all the rage, barber shops have been springing up in many countries including the UK and USA.
  • To Shave or Not To Shave, That is the Quandary!

    Many men switch between being clean shaven and then growing a beard once more, not being able to make up their minds about which they prefer! We set out the steps to take to ensure how to look after your face whether it is clean shaven or covered in a beard...
  • Fatherhood & The Reasons Why Fathers Stick Around

    Becoming a parent is just as life-changing for a man as it is for a woman. We share why Dr Anna Machin is keen for fathers to know five important facts about being a dad...
  • Is Male Fertility At Risk?

    According to research, male fertility rates in the Western world have fallen by over fifty per cent in the past forty years. Find out how this problem could possibly be avoided by making some changes in your life...
  • Our No Nonsense Grooming Aids For Males

    It wasn't too long ago that men did not even think about caring for their skin - they were happy to remain rugged and weatherbeaten! But now this has changed and men are looking for a clearer complexion, a smoother skin and just to look all round better. Find out how you can introduce your own male skin care routine...
  • The Chemicals in Fire Retardants could be Affecting Fertility

    Flame retardant material was first developed decades ago for space clothing for NASA and then became popular in the Vietnam War for flammable materials in the USA helicopters.
  • Should You Be Concerned About That Daily Shave, Guys?

    Shaving cream, shaving foam or shaving gel is applied to the face, or wherever else hair grows, helping to lubricate the cutting process; swell ke...
  • How To Keep The Toilet Safely Sparkling!

    Everything we use needs a deep clean from time to time and that includes our toilets. There is probably nothing worse in a neglected home than a...
  • Are Beards Good For Your Health?

    Beards have been popular for a few years now and, while there are many fans, there are also some critics too who are convinced that beards are no...
  • Hangover or Hungover, Overhang Might Be The Help You Need

    You know you have a hangover when you have a headache, nausea, intestinal upset (and perhaps diarrhea), aches in the muscles and joints plus fatigue. But what can you do about it?
  • How To Fall Asleep Naturally & How Much Sleep Do We Need?

    One third of American adults have insufficient sleep with many saying they have had to cut down on the amount of sleep they have at night because...
  • This Former Disease Of The Rich Is Now A Risk For Many

    Some two to five million Americans, 90% of them male in their 40s or older, now suffer from GOUT which is a type of arthritis that can cause considerable pain and discomfort. Historically, gout sufferers were not given the sympathy and compassion they deserved although now that more is known, the levels of support have risen.