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Health Blog

  • The Ancient Site of Stonehenge Is As Inspiring As Ever

    Have you ever visited or driven past the prehistoric monument that is Stonehenge? We share some of the history of and future plans for this top tourist stop over...
  • Venturing into Venice and onto the Water Beyond

    Have you been to Venice? We share our experiences of a short three day visit to this very interesting place during the height of summer...
  • Ten Top Tips for Keeping Your Pet Happy & Healthy

    Having a pet in the family is very important for many but it comes with commitment and responsibility. We share some of the ways in which your pets can live happy, healthy and contented lives - with their owners.
  • When Should You Take Your Supplements?

    It is not only the regularity of taking supplements that is important – the time of day can matter too. Some nutrients work best when taken at different times of the day.