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  • Just One Thing

    Many of us in the UK - and even in the wider world community- were very sad to learn of the recent death of Dr. Michael Mosely while walking in the Greek Island of Symi during a heatwave.  

    He was a very well known TV doctor and presenter with several successful series to his name.  I knew him best from his Just One Thing radio programs over the past few years and on July 12th, the BBC organized a Just One Thing tribute to him when listeners and presenters shared the just one thing that had meant most to them.

    We share a selection of those Just One Things...

  • Top Tips for Improving Your Health During Your Lunch Breaks

    Whether you have an hour or just a few minutes for your lunch break during your working day, you can make the most of this time to down tools and use the time to do much more than eat a quick sandwich.

    We share some suggestions...

  • How to Heal More Quickly After Injury or Surgery

    Have you been injured or are you undergoing surgery?

    We share all the ways in which you can help your body to recover more quickly...

  • Does Your Child Have a Problem with Stammering or Stuttering?

    Known as stuttering in the USA and stammering in the UK, this is a speech problem which occurs when the speaker is not able to maintain a smooth forward flow of speech and experiences recurrent blocks in the production of speech sounds in conversational speech, particularly when excited or under psychological stress.
  • Top Ten Tips for Making the Most of that Weekend

    If you have a normal working week from Monday to Friday, you will always look forward to the weekends.  But do you make the most of that forty eight hours or does Monday roll round again and you feel that nothing extra has been achieved?

    We share some ideas on what to do on your days off:

  • How to Ensure You Have a Healthy Bladder

    Women in particular can suffer from bladder problems so it is important to do all you can to prevent such problems - and to give your bladder the best chance of staying healthy.

    We share some diet, exercise and lifestyle tips to help you...

  • Psoriasis and How Meditation Can Help With the Symptoms

    Psoriasis is a long-lasting, noncontagious autoimmune disease appearing as raised areas of abnormal skin that can be red, pink or purple as well as dry, itchy and scaly. 

    And it can cause considerable discomfort...

  • A Flight of Stairs Can be Your Friend!

    In an earlier post, we wrote about how climbing the stairs was good for your heart health.  In fact, if you can make the effort to climb just fifty stairs each and every day, this action could slash your risk of heart disease by twenty percent. 

    We pointed out that many people (as they get older) try to avoid stairs, often choosing to move into a home without stairs if they can when a flight of stairs can actually be your friend!  

  • Change of Season? Time to De-Clutter!

    No matter how careful you are to prevent hoarding and clutter, just about everyone will have some areas in their home that need attention.  

    The end of summer is a good time to have a re-think about what you can do in your spaces to do some de-cluttering.

    We share some steps you can take to make this task less daunting.

    While every home is different, there are some hotspots in almost all of them that are particularly prone to clutter.

    We share what some of these hotspots are so you can make a great start.

  • Nail Fungus, Athletes Foot, Cracked Heels?

    Many of us might not take enough care of our feet even though they work so hard for us!

    There are several skin conditions that can occur if we neglect our feet.

    And three of these are nail fungus, athlete's foot and cracked heels...

  • Did You Know That Some House Plants Can Help To Prevent Mold?

    We have written before on how different types of houseplants can improve the quality of your indoor air.

    But in a similar way, there are also houseplants that can help prevent mold.

    Find out more...

  • Natural Remedies When You Suffer from Coughs and Colds

    You can suffer from coughs and colds at just about any time of the year and not only in the colder, winter months.  But what can you do to help to treat them in a more natural way rather than resorting to pharmaceutical products from your local pharmacy?