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  • A Lazy Eye has been a Childhood Problem for Many Years

    A lazy eye is medically known as amblyopia and is a type of reduced vision that occurs in one eye.  It is called a lazy eye because the stronger eye works best.

    This condition is the most common cause of visual impairment in children, usually occurring between birth and seven years of age.

    We share the symptoms and what treatment is available...

  • Infrared Sauna and the Benefits you can Enjoy

    I recently had the opportunity to enjoy several sessions in an infrared sauna and found it to be very relaxing and beneficial.

    Sharing the host of benefits from this top of the range technology...

  • How Our Dryers Affect Our Environment

    A recent study published in the journal PLUS ONE has found that dryers are providing a significant source of plastic pollution.  This has previously been overlooked or ignored.  

    dryers have been found to spray thousands of tiny plastic clothing fragments over distances of up to twenty seven feet every time they are used.

    So is there anything we can do to rectify this situation?

  • Change to Using Bamboo for So Many Reasons

    Whether shopping at a store or online, you might have noticed the appearance of various products using bamboo in their manufacture.

    And that is a good thing...

    We explain all the reasons why.

  • Increase the Natural Light for a Healthier Home

    We all want to make our homes as comfortable and as safe as possible so if you are planning any changes to your own home, take the time to consider the amount of glazing you will be including. This is because it is now proven that natural light and fresh air can encourage a healthy and happy home. 
  • Old Fashioned Light Bulbs & The Good News On The Horizon

    Isn't it strange how, time and time again, we go back to the older and original ways of doing things? Now it is the turn of the humble light bul...
  • Think Twice Before You Dispose Of Those Little Silica Bags

    Whenever you buy a product that needs to stay moist-free, whether it is a small electrical appliance or box of natural supplements, it will usual...
  • Drying Your Hands in Public Bathrooms

    Nine times out of ten you could be faced with an electric wall mounted air dryer when you use a public washroom with not even a paper towel in sight. But is that a problem?
  • Are You Cooking On Gas & What You Might Need To Know About This Choice

    Over a third of all Americans cook on a gas stove while the rest prefer to use electricity. But if you are a fan of gas and you just love the insta...
  • Fracking & Will It All End Badly?

    Fracting has come under international scrutiny with some countries protecting it, and others suspending or banning it.
  • Synthetic versus Natural: the Ongoing Debate

    Put the words synthetic versus natural into your search engine and the list of options you have to choose between the two, and to find out more, is endless. Of course the main difference between the two is how they are made or how they come into being.
  • Genetically Modified Foods & Why They Can be Harmful

    It is the unknown factor about GM foods that concerns so many. They have never been tested by an independent study to confirm that they are safe to eat and could well have many unpredictable consequences.