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  • Good Teeth Health and How Our Cavities may be Filled in the Future!

    There is a new and revolutionary treatment for cavities in our teeth on the horizon.  Find out more about what this treatment involves...
  • Does Urine have a Future as a Form of Fertilizer?

    In the allotment world here in the UK, it is often suggested that adding fresh urine to the compost heap regularly helps in the decomposing and breaking down process.  Now a French company is looking at producing a urine-based commercial product.
  • Even Old Father Thames Cannot Escape From Plastic Pollution

    The River Thames has become so severely polluted with plastic that it is reshaping its shores and harming its wildlife.
  • Could Composting be the Next Choice for End of Life?

    Composting as much organic waste as possible - it greatly benefits the soil - is often number one on the list of musts for keen gardeners. But is composting bodies after death a step too far?
  • Bars are no longer banished!

    Until now, everything you could imagine came in liquid format in a plastic bottle whether it was face wash, body wash, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, dish washer, laundry detergent and more. But now, the very good news is that all of these are now available in bars!
  • Why We Need To Keep Up Our Hand Writing Skills

    It might be considered almost old fashioned today but handwriting remains an essential skill for both children and adults alike. Find out more about why this skill should not be allowed to disappear in the future...
  • How Safe Is Your Daily Cuppa?

    Researchers have found a possible new health hazard if and when we use those triangle shaped tea bags. Find out more about the risks and what you can use instead?
  • The Problem with Plastic Straws

    The figures for plastic straws use are mind boggling with it being estimated that somewhere between 200 and 500 million plastic straws were used in the US every day in 2017. This has to change...
  • Hearing Aids Could Have An Additional Benefit, Protecting Against Dementia

    With more and more of the aging population having their hearing tested and then opting to wear hearing aids, there is apparently an added advantage - apart from improved hearing.
  • What is OCT & its Link with your Eye Health?

    There is a new procedure available for all patients when having their eye exam at the optometrist.  It is known as OCT.
  • Those 6-Pack Plastic Rings Can Cause So Much Harm

    Those plastic hooks used to connect drink cans together have been used for decades and it has long been known how lethal they can be for wildlife. But why has it taken so long for something to be done about it?
  • Why You Should Never Re-Use Plastic Bottles!

    Plastic bottles have a numbering system to denote the type of plastic they are made from.  We might think we are helping the environment by re-using plastic bottles but many of them can leach toxic chemicals when they are re-used.