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Health Blog

  • Has Research Found a New Cause for Arthritis?

    Rheumatoid Arthritis is a common chronic disease affecting so many worldwide. 

    It causes joint pain swelling and inflammation, beginning at any age but more likely between the years thirty and fifty becoming most common among those in their seventies.

  • Is Vertigo and Dizziness a Problem For You?

    While you might think vertigo or occasional dizziness is just an inconvenience, it can be more serious than that.  In fact, vertigo is said to be the number one cause of broken bones and head injuries in those who are over fifty five.  Find out more about vertigo and what you can do to help...

  • Is Vitamin C the Solution for Sepsis?

    Sepsis occurs unpredictably and can progress rapidly, making this possible breakthrough of vitamin C therapy such very good news!
  • Misophonia is a Sensitivity to Sound Condition

    What is Misophonia? We tell you more about this relatively recently named condition and how it can be helped.
  • Are Unnecessary Medications Being Given to Older Patients?

    The older generation appear to be particularly at risk from being prescribed medications that could be inappropriate or unnecessary as well as medications that just keep being added to counteract side effects that the previous drug causes.
  • Diluted Natural Apple Juice for Re-Hydrating Young Children?

    New research has found that, if young children with a mild "stomach bug" drink diluted apple juice, it may be just as effective as more expensive electrolyte drinks for preventing dehydration.
  • Do You Ever Give Ear Wax a Second Thought?

    Obviously we all have ears and we all produce ear wax but do we ever give it much thought? Considered a bit of a nuisance by many, ear wax actually has a part to play.
  • A Revolutionary Remedy for Tremors in the Hands

    There has been some revolutionary brain surgery carried out in the UK where a new technique targets tremors in the hands, and elsewhere, using high-intensity sound waves.
  • When an Unplanned Accident Puts You in Hospital

    Every day many people are involved in sudden accidents and incidents where they land up in hospital. Is there anything you can do to make life easier for yourself when this happens?
  • Could a Prescription for Following the "Mediterranean Diet" Replace One for Statins?

    Italian researchers have recently concluded that those who follow the Mediterranean diet live healthier and longer lives – they even go so far as ...
  • Sleep Deprivation Can Cause Problems As You Grow Older

    Apart from making you feel less alert, more irritable and perhaps even unable to function properly, being sleep deprived can have some lasting drawbacks to your health and your well being - especially as you age.
  • The Three & Increasingly Serious Stages of Sepsis

    If sepsis is diagnosed, it is considered to be a medical emergency. The three stages of sepsis become ever more serious if a diagnosis is not reached in the early days of this condition.