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  • Try these Water Remedies to Help with Many Conditions

    There are several different ways in which you can use water as a base with other natural substances to provide a home remedy for many conditions.  Find out all about these natural water remedies.
  • Good Teeth Health and How Our Cavities may be Filled in the Future!

    There is a new and revolutionary treatment for cavities in our teeth on the horizon.  Find out more about what this treatment involves...
  • Why Would You Want to Tape Your Mouth?

    Most of us breathe through our noses but there are some who breathe through their mouths - and this can lead to different problems.  Fundamentally, noses are for breathing and mouths are for eating but that is not always the case in practice.  But mouth taping can resolve problems associated with mouth breathing.  Find out more...
  • Is Stress and Anxiety Causing You to Grind Your Teeth?

    The real worrying thing about grinding your teeth is that most of the time you can be unaware that you are doing it.  Dentists believe that bruxism - the technical term for teeth grinding - has become endemic among stressed-out adults.  
  • We All Want to Have Sweet Smelling Breath!

    Many will worry about whether they suffer from bad breath and often they will resort to using mouthwash or sucking on mints.

    But perhaps it is better to get to the bottom of what is causing bad breath - and then work from there in finding solutions - naturally.

  • Is There a Thumb Sucker in Your Home?

    I was a thumb sucker as a child (up until at least the age of twelve) and unfortunately the habit did a lot of damage to my teeth and my jaw so t...
  • Would You Like To Know More About Activated Charcoal?

    Although in the past, activated charcoal was used as a powerful water cleansing product, it has been found to naturally remove toxins and chemicals from our bodies. Find out more...
  • Your Children's Teeth Can Be Healthy Too!

    When our children's first teeth appear, they are usually 100% perfect - like little pearls. But how can we make sure they stay healthy?
  • In Defense Of Coconut Oil

    The mainstream media has been full of reports recently deriding the healthy food we know and love as coconut oil. We tell you why we think they are barking up the wrong tree with this subject!
  • Isn't Time To Stop & Smell The Roses?

    "What is this life if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare? But it is not just about staring, it is also about smelling...
  • Taking Care of Your Teeth Through The Food You Eat

    We all know about taking care of our teeth with twice daily brushing and flossing and regular visits to the dentist but what we eat or don't eat can be important too.Certain foods can erode teeth enamel, lead to tooth decay or even can chip or damage your teeth. Find out what you should avoid and what you should include...
  • Grinding Your Teeth Can Be A Symptom Of Stress In Your Life

    Did you know that the habit of grinding your teeth during your sleep has a name? The condition is called bruxism and most people are unaware that they have it - perhaps until the damage is done.