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Health Blog

  • A Lazy Eye has been a Childhood Problem for Many Years

    A lazy eye is medically known as amblyopia and is a type of reduced vision that occurs in one eye.  It is called a lazy eye because the stronger eye works best.

    This condition is the most common cause of visual impairment in children, usually occurring between birth and seven years of age.

    We share the symptoms and what treatment is available...

  • How to Help Your Baby Go to Sleep

    There is an age-old problem - and that is how to get your baby to fall asleep without too much fuss and bother.

    The good news is that now scientists believe they have identified the best way to calm a crying baby, ensuring they fall asleep in their cot in just thirteen minutes.

  • How To Treat The Symptoms of Eczema Naturally

    Find out all about this skin condition that is almost defined by itching - and the need to scratch...
  • Air Pollution and its Link with Learning

    Recent research has found that cutting air pollution levels by twenty per cent could improve children's "ability to learn" by one month each year.  Find out more about this research and how it could impact on your own children.
  • Honey & How To Know If It Is The Real Thing!

    We share lots of ways to include genuine honey in your diet and why - together with tips on how to know you are buying the real article...
  • Natural Remedies for Young Babies Who Cry from Colic

    Moms and dads find it really hard and frustrating when their young baby is constantly fussing and crying. They wonder if they are doing something wrong when all the time it could be something as simple (or as complicated) as colic.
  • The Three & Increasingly Serious Stages of Sepsis

    If sepsis is diagnosed, it is considered to be a medical emergency. The three stages of sepsis become ever more serious if a diagnosis is not reached in the early days of this condition.
  • Teething Egg - Does An Egg In An Old Sock Actually Work For Teething?

    Old Wives were renowned for all types of tales but probably the most were those for parents looking after their babies - especially when it comes to teething remedies. In fact, many natural teething remedies have been around for thousands of years.
  • Eczema & Is There A Link To That Daily Bath?

    Skin conditions are on the rise and especially eczema. Some parents of children with eczema have made the connection between a nightly bath and the appearance of rough, itchy patches of skin on their bodies.
  • Top 10 Tips for Treating with Witch Hazel

    The bark, leaves and twigs of witch hazel are all high in tannins, giving this plant its astringent properties to dry, tighten and harden tissues.
  • Pregnancy & Should You Think Twice About That Glucose Test?

    You might want to think twice about challenging your body and that of your unborn baby with that artificial concoction that is the test for gestational diabetes or glucose intolerance when there are other safer options.
  • Right Handed or Left Handed & Should It Matter?

    It is estimated that some 85-92% of world’s population is born right-handed and this fact can also cause some bias against left-handers.