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Health Blog

  • Good Teeth Health and How Our Cavities may be Filled in the Future!

    There is a new and revolutionary treatment for cavities in our teeth on the horizon.  Find out more about what this treatment involves...
  • Improved Vision Could Come With These Plant-Based Choices

    We are all being encouraged to include extra fruit and veggies in our diet, making it more plant-based. But did you know that improved optical health is one of the unexpected outcomes of a plant-based diet?
  • How Hunger Can Make Us Angry

    When we are hungry, we can become snappy and irritable, finding it difficult to concentrate. If we are in need of a snack, this can severely affect our mood. Find out more about HANGER and what to do about it...
  • Meet This Little Dog Who Eats Up All Her Vegetables, Raw!

    We are used to encouraging our young children to eat up their veggies but perhaps not our pets. Read about Libby the Scotty dog who relishes the opportunity to snack on raw vegetables...
  • Changing Your Diet Could Help With Anxiety & Stress

    Those who experience symptoms of anxiety including feeling nervous, restless or fearful could find that a change in diet could help resolve those symptoms. Find out more about which foods to try...
  • Include Potassium Rich Foods in your Diet to Help with Cellulite

    Fluid retention is one of the main causes of cellulite and this is because many of us consume too much sodium but not enough potassium. If cellulite is a problem in your life, consider including some of these potassium-rich foods in your diet...
  • Gooseberries Have No Connection With Geese

    The UK's climate (most of the time) is perfectly designed to produce gooseberries - both the tart, green cooking gooseberries and the sweeter red varieties which appear a bit later. We share more information about this delicious fruit and how to make Gooseberry Fool!
  • How To Prevent Toe Nail Fungus By Improving Your Diet

    Wouldn't you love to have healthy nails? Toenail Fungus is an unwanted condition that can be difficult to eliminate. We share how to make the necessary changes to your diet to this end...
  • Can Beer Be Good For Your Gut Health?

    We tend to think of enjoying a glass of beer when having a night out or spending time with friends but now researchers in Singapore have brewed a beer that is rich in probiotic bacteria that is said will improve gut health and even boost the immune system...
  • Living Life To The Full In Spite Of Type 1 Diabetes

    When my brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in his late teens, he rose to the challenge and has now been living with this disease for over fifty years!
  • Pregnancy & the Natural Ways to Avoid or Fade Stretch Marks

    Being pregnant can bring the discomfort of unsightly stretch marks caused by the sudden stretching of the dermal layer of the skin. The areas most affected are usually the thighs, stomach, buttocks and breasts.
  • The Healthy Way to Bake & Eat Banana Bread!

    Looking for a healthy banana bread which is minus both the gluten and the white processed sugar, then this might be your solution? Oats are used...