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  • If You Are Spending More Time Indoors, How Good is Your Air Quality?

    Why you should be keeping an eye on the quality of your indoors air...
  • The New Threat to Our Environment

    Just when we thought people were becoming more aware of the dangers of plastic, and other non-degradable waste, along comes a pandemic which heralds a whole new threat...
  • The Village That Went Into Quarantine Over 350 Years Ago

    The village of Eyam which nestles beneath the hills of Hope Valley in Derbyshire, England, was one of the few places outside London to be infected with the Great Plague in 1685. The inhabitants were encouraged to make a sacrifice...
  • How To Get Rid of Those Unwanted Blackheads

    Blackheads appear most often on your face - especially on the sides of your nose.  But they can also appear in other areas, in fact anywhere that has a hair follicle or pore. But can you get rid of them, naturally?
  • Our Top Ten Tips on How To De-Stress in Your Bath Tub

    One of the most relaxing ways to de-stress when you are suffering from anxiety is to settle down in a long, warm bath. We share our top ten tips on how to achieve this...
  • Our Suggestions on How to Stay Safe

    We are all concerned about the health safety of our family and friends. We set out our suggestions on how to stay safe.  Of course prevention is better than cure but there is still much we can all do.
  • Why an Alkaline Environment for Your Body is More Important than Ever

    According to the German Doctor of Chemistry and Medicine, Otto Warburg, "No disease can exist in an alkaline environment".  Find out more about the importance of including alkaline foods and beverages in your daily diet...
  • Blood Pressure does not have to be all about Beta Blockers

    About one in three adults in the USA have high blood pressure. More than 90% of adults who survive into their 80s will have high blood pressure (also called hypertension) while some 50% will have developed it by the age of 60. But how can this condition be treated in a more natural way?
  • How To Keep Your Teeth White, Naturally

    We all want our teeth to look fresh and white without any discoloration or stains. But what can we do to achieve this without causing harm to our teeth and our mouths? Find out more...
  • Could Your Beard Be Harboring Bugs!

    There have been media headlines lately saying that "Men with Beards can Carry More Germs than Dogs". Apparently a new study has found that every sample of beard hair collected was crawling with bacteria with some 50% of that bacteria considered hazardous to human health. But how true is this likely to be?
  • That Ducky Could Be Yucky

    Young children just love playing at bath time. And plastic toys are often used for obvious reasons. Now someone has taken the trouble to cut one of those yellow plastic ducks in half! And apparently, it is not a pretty sight...
  • How Safe Are Your Make-Up Products from Superbugs?

    The press have been feeding the fear once more!  And what must  we all be fearful of now?  Well, the make-up products lying around in our bathrooms, our bedrooms and of course at the bottom of our handbags! Find out more along with tips on how to keep that makeup safe