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Health Blog

  • Having a Dog is Great for Heart Health, Mental Health & So Much More

    Often referred to as "man's best friend", owning a dog comes with so many health benefits - both for the dog and the human. Find out more about all those benefits...
  • Therapy Pets are Dedicated To Caring for Us

    While the use of dogs for the blind, the partially sighted and even disabled people is well known, it may not be so widely known that dogs an...
  • Top Ten Tips for Taking your Pet on Vacation

    Whatever time of the year, more and more pet owners are deciding to take the 'Ruff with the Smooth' and bring their pets with them on their holidays. We share some tips to ensure a successful time together...
  • Meet This Little Dog Who Eats Up All Her Vegetables, Raw!

    We are used to encouraging our young children to eat up their veggies but perhaps not our pets. Read about Libby the Scotty dog who relishes the opportunity to snack on raw vegetables...
  • Feeding Your Dog The Right Food

    I have come across a chain of dog food stores known as JustFoodForDogs. With all fresh ingredients, stainless steel appliances and state of the art shop fittings, the store looked good enough to feed humans too!
  • Isn't It Time For These Traditional Pet Practices To Change?

    There are four different practices that can get inflicted upon some of our pets. We share some of the reasons why these are not a good idea...