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Health Blog

  • Are Lockdown Restrictions Making Our Pets Become Overweight?

    Sadly, pets who become overweight face all sorts of health problems in the same way that their owners do. 

    And lockdown restrictions in different parts of the world at various times are adding to this problem with some owners said to be feeding their pets more treats and taking them on less walks while working from home. 

    Find out more about what you can do to make your pet healthier and happier!

  • Top Tips to Protect Cats from Harm

    If you are a cat lover, you could not possibly imagine causing harm to your own pet or to any other cat.  And yet, there are pet owners who would still cause harm without a second thought.  We share ten tips on what not to do when looking after your special pet...
  • How to Discourage Your Pet Cats from Hunting Wildlife

    Although your cat or cats may spend most of their time indoors, they can be ferocious killers when they are out and about in the great outdoors.

    Wildlife can have enough to contend with in just surviving - finding enough food, water and shelter.  When you add in "pet cats on the prowl", the odds are stacked up against our wildlife.

    Is there anything pet owners can do about this situation?

  • Having a Dog is Great for Heart Health, Mental Health & So Much More

    Often referred to as "man's best friend", owning a dog comes with so many health benefits - both for the dog and the human. Find out more about all those benefits...
  • Top Ten Tips for Taking your Pet on Vacation

    Whatever time of the year, more and more pet owners are deciding to take the 'Ruff with the Smooth' and bring their pets with them on their holidays. We share some tips to ensure a successful time together...
  • Feeding Your Dog The Right Food

    I have come across a chain of dog food stores known as JustFoodForDogs. With all fresh ingredients, stainless steel appliances and state of the art shop fittings, the store looked good enough to feed humans too!