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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?


One of the most common problems for many of us today is making sure we get a good night's sleep.

So many will toss and turn to get to sleep in the first place or we will suddenly find ourselves wide awake at two or three in the morning with no prospect of getting back to sleep again for several hours.

How do we know how much sleep we need?

Research tells us that seven hours sleep per night is the ideal amount when we are middle aged or older.  Obviously babies and young children need the most sleep.

According to researchers from Cambridge University in the UK, they have found that both too much and too little sleep are associated with poorer cognitive performance and mental health.

In the research, scientists examined data from nearly five hundred thousand adults aged between thirty eight and seventy eight.

Participants were asked about their sleeping patterns, mental health and wellbeing and took part in a series of cognitive tests.

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What did the researchers find

Analysis of the data indicated that seven hours of sleep per night was the optimal amount for cognitive performance - such as processing speed, visual attention, memory and problem solving.

In addition, they found that it was also optimal for good mental health with people experiencing more symptoms of anxiety and depression and worse overall wellbeing if they slept for longer or shorter amounts.

The researchers went on to say that one possible reason for the association between insufficient sleep and cognitive decline could be due to the disruption of short wave or,deep sleep.

This disruption has been shown to have a close link with memory consolidation as well as the build up of amyloid - a key protein which, when it misfolds, can cause tangles in the brain - characteristic of dementia.

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How can we get a better night's sleep?

I think we all know roughly how much sleep we need to feel at our best but this can sometimes be difficult to achieve.

There are several tips to help: 

  1. The temperature in your bedroom should be comfortably cool so that you are cosy under the covers.
  2. Only use natural and chemical-free products when cleaning your bedroom (and of course the rest of your home). There are many harmful and toxic chemical cleaners and disinfectants that can irritate your nose, throat, skin and lungs.  The same applies if you are going to re-decorate or re-paint your bedroom, be careful what paint products you use. 
  3. Melatonin is vital to ensure good sleeping habits and this is only produced during darkness so make sure your room is darkened when it is time to sleep.
  4. You should find it easier to sleep if you remove all electronic equipment including TVs, laptops, cell phones and cordless telephones while trying to get on a regular sleep schedule that's not too far off from the natural cycle of night and day. 
  5. Grinding your teeth is a subconscious neuromuscular activity. It is thought that only 5% of those who grind their teeth or clench their jaws actually know they do it. Bruxism involves tensing of the jaw muscles, so it interferes with the relaxation necessary for deep sleep.  There are gum shields available to help resolve the problem of teeth grinding.
  6. Add a few drops of our own H-Sleep Aid Formula either to your warm and soothing bedtime bath or to the back of the neck before settling down. This is a natural sleep remedy for mild to chronic sleeplessness. 
  7. Be careful about the sleep position you use.  If you are all curled up, this could affect your back and even lead to some back pain. If you sleep face down, this could disrupt your breathing, causing you to wake up more often.


It is obviously important to find ways and methods to improve our sleep patterns whatever our age, to help us to maintain good mental health and wellbeing. 

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