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What are Verrucas, Difference Between Wart & Treatments

H-Warts Formula

When we are talking about warts in general, there is really no difference.  

But if you are the one suffering from a verruca (or also known as a plantar wart) under your foot, you will definitely say there is a difference. This is because of the pain and discomfort they can cause.

Basically, there are different words that describe the same type of wart.  Their differences occur with where they are found on the body.

General Types of Warts

There are three general types of warts:

  • Common Warts which are firm, round raised growths that have a cauliflower appearance.  Common warts are most likely to appear on the hands and knees.

H-Warts Formula

  • Verrucas (or plantar warts) are typically found on the soles of the feet.  This type of wart gets its name from the medical term Verruca plantaris.  Like the common wart, it can also have a cauliflower appearance.  However, the pressure exerted on the verruca (because it is on the bottom of the foot) can cause the capillaries to rupture, creating small black dots and meaning it will often lose its cauliflower appearance.

  • Flat warts are smooth round growths that are typically yellow in color. They can appear by themselves or even in a group of hundreds. They are more commonly found on the face, neck, back of the hands - and legs.


How can you treat warts symptoms including verrucas?

The ideal treatment for all types of warts wherever they appear is H-Warts Formula.  Ideal because it is all natural with no harmful additives and manufactured to the highest standards in a GMP facility (Good Manufacturing Practices) in the USA.

H-Warts Formula is gentle on the skin and safe for adults and children over the age of four years.  It is simple to apply directly to your warts using a cotton swab.  As the product is concentrated, only a few drops are needed for each application.  While you can expect to see results in a week or two, some stubborn warts may take a little longer.

How else can you prevent warts symptoms?

  • By boosting your immune system.  Warts will often appear when you are not 100% well - overtired, sick or just worn down.  Good quality sleep is important as well as regular exercise.  Look for other ways to boost your immune system.
  • By stopping their spread.  Warts can be spread from person to person and also around your own body through touch.  For example, if you touch your wart and then touch another part of your body before washing your hands, you may spread the virus - and notice new warts appearing just days later.




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