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How To Avoid That Afternoon “Slow Down” When You Are Working

Man with beard in glasses sleeps in office on the table over laptop with coffee in hand Working a long day, after commuting to and from work and perhaps following a disturbed night’s sleep for whatever reason, can often lead to that feeling of sleepiness and failed productivity by mid afternoon.

What can you do about it?

If you work from home, then it is no longer a problem. You have the double advantage of no commuting and being able to organize your hours for optimum productivity. But not everyone is that fortunate although the numbers working from home are constantly on the increase. But with companies expecting their employees to work long hours, if they are to progress through the ranks and achieve their ambitions, the impact on the employees’ health can be catastrophic. Fortunately there are some more progressive companies who have begun to encourage their employees to take mid-day naps to recharge. Some even go as far as providing a nap room with bunks or hammocks for taking a quick 40 or longer winks - something like you see in hospital TV dramas where those overworked doctors can go and catch up on their sleep. One such company is HubSpot with their nap room featuring a hammock suspended above a plush carpet and soothing cloud-covered walls to encourage its 750 employees to catch some z’s at work. Google was another early large tech company to promote napping. The tech giant introduced energy pods - reclining chairs sitting inside a large bubble and including built-in music producing soothing sounds and an alarm that wakes up nappers with gentle lights and vibration. They want to make napping an acceptable part of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy workday.

$63 billion in productivity lost in the USA every year through lack of sleep

Unfortunately, many companies push their employees to the limit and will definitely equate naps with slacking off. They might have company gyms in place but turn a blind eye to the biological necessity of sufficient sleep. It is time that napping becomes part of company culture.

Midday naps increase alertness, lower stress and elevate your mood

In fact, a whole new “nap gadget" industry has evolved with a number of wacky products coming on to the market. However, one good idea being promoted is the bed-desk. The product of Greek design firm Studio NL, the bed-desk has side panels that fold out to reveal a mattress and headboard, looking both sleek and sleep-inducing. You can find out more about it here.

Of course the best solution is to ensure a good night’s sleep in the first place

And if you are not sleep deprived then having some green exercise in the middle of your working day is the way to go. If you can devote a minimum of just 5 minutes to exercising in a park or other outside area during a break in the working day, you will benefit from clearing your head and escaping the stress and strain of modern life while improving your mental health. The good news about this is that if people (who are working in an office environment all day) can just make their way to a local park or green area for an absolute minimum of 5 minutes every lunch break, they can benefit. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, H-Insomnia will help you have a restful night.   insomnia1