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How to Help Alleviate these Top Ten Symptoms of Menopause


We all know that at a certain time in their lives, women can suffer ill effects because of the hormonal changes that occur with the menopause.  Such ill effects can vary considerably from person to person.

We share the main ten symptoms of menopause and what you can do to help relieve them.

Hot flushes

This is a very well known symptom and one that many women do suffer from.   

Help is at hand by limiting certain stimulants.  For example, caffeine stimulates the nervous system.  It makes us feel on edge.  This in turn results in hot flushes and even palpitations.  Alcohol is also a culprit because it causes the blood vessels to dilate, raising the internal body temperature.  Both caffeine and alcohol when combined with depleted hormones can lead to more hot flushes.  So avoiding these two is one way to help.

Another is to increase your consumption of foods rich in omega-3, flaxseeds and hormone-balancing phytoestrogens (soy and lentils).

Insomnia problems

There are lots of suggestions to help improve your sleep quality.  In addition, avoid getting too hot at night by wearing light, breathable bed clothes.  If possible, sleep near an open window or if this is not possible, add an electric fan when needed.  Before bedtime, avoid spicy foods, alcohol as well as smoking.

There are several sleep factors known as the five favorable ones.  These are:

  • Going to bed at the same time each night and getting up at the same time each morning, even on weekends.
  • Making sure your bedroom is cool, dark and quiet.
  • Keeping electronic devices out of the bedroom, including TVs, computers and smartphones.
  • Avoiding large meals, caffeine and alcohol shortly before bedtime.
  • Exercising regularly, which can help you fall asleep more easily at night

Add a few drops of our own H-Sleep Aid Formula either to your warm and soothing bedtime bath or to the back of the neck before settling down.

This is a natural sleep remedy for mild to chronic sleeplessness. 



Having a low libido

Lower hormone levels can also lead to a drop in libido and the menopause is one of several other causes for this drop.  We share our earlier post with lots of suggestions on how to lure your libido out of hiding.  And a further solution is to enhance your intimate pleasure with our Fsensual Formula - a natural and safe female libido product.

 Vaginal dryness

This is another common problem with the menopause which can lead to pain and discomfort during sex. The remedy is to use ostrogen pessaries in the vagina which are available over the counter or a non-hormonal cream will also work effectively.

A foggy brain

If you suffer from memory problems or experience difficulty with concentration, then try sniffing a sprig of rosemary each day - remember rosemary for memory!

Another tip is to use the herbal remedy gingko biloba as this is said to improve blood flow to the brain, resulting in improved memory in some.

Whatever your age, keeping your brain active is always a good idea.  Do this by creating new pathways in the brain by trying new activities or learning something new regularly. 

Urinary tract problems 

Lack of estrogen production can mean thinning of the urinary tract leading to symptoms.  Keeping well hydrated by drinking plenty of water is a good solution.

Weight gain and muscle loss

A combination of aging and hormone changes can lead to muscle and bone mass loss.  Combat any resulting weight gain through regular resistance training at least two to three times a week and basing your workouts around compound moves - moves such as squats, dead lifts and lunges.  In addition, add some weights to the lifts.  Of course, watching what you eat and limiting sugars and starches will help too.

Bone density

It is recommended that every adult over the age of thirty do resistance training regularly to maintain overall health.  The problem is that as we age, we lose muscle mass (as above) so that our metabolism and bone density decreases causing weakness. 

In addition, it is important to know that the main cause of osteoporosis is a vitamin D deficiency.  The very best way to improve vitamin D levels is through safe exposure of sunshine during the warmer months followed by vitamin D3 supplementation if necessary (particularly in the colder months). Expose as much skin as possible for 20 minutes or so (until the skin starts to turn slightly pink if you are fair-skinned) during those two hours on either side of midday. 

Dry skin

Over-washing your face and skin, central heating and air conditioning as well as extreme weather conditions can all lead to dry skin.  Our Simply Skin Vitamin Oil is a one of a kind with its nutritional blend of oils to feed the delicate skin on your face.  It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and Omega fatty acids, all essential for the balance and nourishment of your skin.

Our rare formula is made from a blend of pure natural cold pressed and expeller pressed precious oils (with a small molecular structure) so they can penetrate your skin.  For maximum benefit, apply a generous amount of Skin Vitamin Oil to your face and neck (just before bed) as a deep nourishing moisture treatment - and wake up to a luminous and glowing healthy skin! 




Mood changes

No one wants to feel anxious or stressed.  Yoga, massages and breathing exercises can all help - easing tension in the neck, back and shoulders as well as reducing anxiety and irritability.  In addition, regular exercise also releases endorphins helping to boost the mood.


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