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Nail Fungus, Athletes Foot, Cracked Heels?

H-Nail Fungus Formula 

Many of us might not take enough care of our feet even though they work so hard for us! There are several skin conditions that can occur if we neglect our feet.Three of these are nail fungus, athlete's foot and cracked heels.

Nail fungus

Nail fungus (also known by its medical termonychomycosis) is a common infection of the nail. 

It starts with a white or yellow brown spot under the tip of the nail but as the fungal infection goes deeper and spreads, the nail may become discolored, thicken and crumble at the edge.

It is always wise to deal with nail fungus symptoms even if it is mild and not causing any discomfort.  This is because the earlier you catch it, the easier it is to treat.  

If left unattended, nail fungus could become painful with thickened nails.  And even lead to complications. 

H-Nail Fungus Formula works by reducing the fungus in the nail bed. The product is concentrated with a deep penetrating anti-fungal action.

For extra benefit, add a drop to the bath water. When used as directed, the formula will reduce the symptoms of nail fungus such as discoloration so that your nails are restored to their former healthy appearance.

H-Nail Fungus Formula

Athlete's foot

Athlete's foot, known as tinea pedis, is another fungal infection and like other fungal infections, it loves dark, moist and warm conditions. The tiny fungi grow and multiply on the human skin and especially the feet.

A foot inside a shoe provides the perfect home for this condition and if left untreated, will continue to worsen leading to blisters and cracks that may result in infections.

Our Fungus Formula will tackle this fungal infection successfully with its homeopathic ingredients that are natural and safe to relieve the itching, the burning and other symptoms - in the comfort your home.  

H-Nail Fungus Formula

Cracked heels 

While cracked heels can occur both in adults and children, this condition is likely to affect women the most. Cracked heels may cause discomfort when going barefoot but these cracks can sometimes become very deep and cause pain.

When the sensitive skin on the bottom of the feet and heels becomes too dry, it can split open, leaving painful cracks called fissures on your heels. Those cracks may not only make it painful to walk but can also lead to serious infections. These cracks are usually caused by extreme dryness.

Apply H-Cracked Heels Formula to the affected area and cover with socks overnight. The formula will spend the time penetrating deep into the skin, helping to effectively moisturize while simultaneously reducing the dryness, cracking and pain associated with cracked feet.



Cracked Heels


Taking good care of your feet

There are lots of ways you can take good care of your feet and prevent those skin problems in the first place.

  • Any fungal infection is very contagious and is often picked up on the feet in wet environments such as public shower rooms, swimming pools and gym changing areas.  Avoid going barefoot in such situations.
  • Always change your socks regularly.
  • Wear the type of shoes that allow your feet to breathe freely.
  • Pat your feet dry after showering or bathing without scrubbing them but do dry between the toes properly.
  • Avoid dry skin by keeping your feet moisturized.
  • Let your feet enjoy some fresh air regularly.  One way to do this is to follow the habit of grounding whenever you can by going barefoot on grass or other natural or paddling in a natural body of water such as the ocean or a lake. 




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