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Pillows are Not Just For Laying Down Our Heads to Sleep


They have other uses too!

Using a pillow with a towel rolled up at the base

This is helpful if you are suffering from neck pain, providing a good place to rest the groove of your neck while keeping your spine in alignment.  It works equally well whether you lie on your back or on your side.

Avoid the chin to chest position by placing the rolled up towel at the base of the pillow and then lie with the curve of your neck over the towel roll.

Using pillows positioned the long way 

This can help to keep the body in a less painful position especially when suffering from any respiratory problems.  Place the pillows all the way down under your shoulder blades, not just under the head and neck.

Using a body pillow or a row of pillows

A body pillow is a much longer than normal one or you can use a row of pillows lengthwise.  This can be helpful for many types of pain or discomfort such as when you are not able to lie directly on your shoulder or if you cannot lie on your stomach for some reason.  Place the body pillow next to you and then roll over half the way on top of it while draping your top leg and arm over the top of the pillow.

Placing a pillow between the knees

This is good for side sleepers.  When laying on your side, a downward slant naturally occurs from the side of the hip down to the knee, placing stress through your hips and often resulting in pain.  If you place a pillow between the knees, this helps prevent the downward pull on the hip, lining the knee and ankle with the hip.  If you have had hip or knee surgery, this can be especially helpful.   If you have to lay on one side versus the other - and think you may roll over - place pillows behind you in this position, helping to remind you stay on that one side.


Another suggestion is to place pillows under the knees

This is for those who have back pain.  There are three different ways: lying on your stomach; on your stomach with one leg bent up to the side; or on your back with elevated legs.  If you place the pillows the long way under your knees and ankles, it can take the strain off the spine providing pain relief.  This is also a good position following various surgeries when you have been advised to sleep on your back.

When to use a pillow under the arm or the shoulder  

After shoulder surgery, laying in bed can be difficult.  For example, laying on your back without pillow support allows the arm to fall backwards onto the bed, often in an uncomfortable position.  By placing a pillow under your arm (or behind your arm) to support the shoulder can be very helpful.

During pregnancy, a pillow can be helpful too

Sleeping during pregnancy can prove to be uncomfortable for many especially as your baby bump grows.  Aching hips and acid reflux add to the discomfort but getting comfortable often seems impossible.  However, a pregnancy pillow could make all the difference.  This is one that is meant to support your growing body throughout pregnancy, helping to relieve pressure on your backs and hips and elsewhere.  They conform to your body, offer support and stay in place - and there are plenty to choose from online.


Finally, a pillow to help with skincare and haircare 

And that is one with a silk pillowcase to give you:

  • A restful and cooler sleep.
  • A night free from allergies so that you wake up with clearer sinuses, dry eyes and easy breathing.
  • Great hair health with no more split ends, dull hair or a tousled mess in the morning.
  • Clearer skin and no more wrinkles as the silk pillowcase will allow your Simply Beauty Products to do their work all night long.


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