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The Importance of Hydration to Slow Down Aging


A recent study by the US National Institute of Health has been published in eBio Medicine.

This study on the benefits of good hydration tracked sodium levels in the blood of over eleven thousand adults.  For obvious reasons, sodium levels increase when less fluid is consumed.

Those with higher sodium levels were sixty four percent more likely to develop chronic diseases - such as heart failure, lung disease, diabetes, stroke and dementia - than those in the medium ranges.

What did the study find?

Natalie Dimitreva who was the author of the study and a researcher at the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute said:

"The results suggest that proper hydration may slow down aging and prolong a disease-free life."

The study found that:

  • Those with sodium levels between 138 and 140 mEq/L had the lowest risk of developing illnesses including heart failure, stroke, atrial fibrillation and peripheral artery disease, lung disease, diabetes and dementia.
  • Those with levels above 142 mEq/L were found to have an increased risk of chronic conditions.

Not everyone enjoys drinking water

If you are one of those people who don't enjoy the taste of water, don't worry as there other ways to hydrate! 

Honey water - Add a spoonful or two of raw honey to warm water for a regular morning drink.

Ginger water - Boil a piece of ginger in water for ten to fifteen minutes for another natural drink.

Cumin water - Add cumin seeds to a pan of water, bring to the boil and allow to simmer for ten minutes.

Cucumber water - Add slices of cucumber to a bowl of water and leave to steep overnight.

Mint water - Add a handful of freshly picked mint leaves to a bowl of water and leave to steep overnight.

Fennel water - Add fennel seeds to a cup of hot water and steep for ten minutes.

Another suggestion is coconut water - ideally from fresh young green coconuts.  Such a beverage comes with several health benefits.

  • Watching your weight? This beverage not only suppresses your appetite but makes you feel fuller because of its rich nutrient content.
  • Acne or other skin blemishes? The topical application of coconut water will help to clear up acne and even tone the skin while drinking the liquid will lead to moisturizing the skin from within.
    • Suffer from indigestion? Coconut water can provide a source of relief. With its high concentration of fiber, it helps prevent indigestion while reducing the occurrence of acid reflux.
    • Looking for extra nutrients? Coconut water contains a unique combination of B vitamins, vitamin C, micronutrients and phytohormones – all exceptionally beneficial to your health.
    • Wanting to lower your blood pressure and prevent heart attacks? Lower levels of electrolytes can result in high blood pressure but coconut water is high in these and can be successful as a balancing mechanism. 
    • Anxious to gain any anti-aging benefits? Coconut water can provide these while at the same time helping to fight free radicals and prevent serious disease. Coconut water contains trans-zeatin – used to treat Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.
    • Prone to dehydration? The ingredients in coconut water are effective in hydrating the human body. 

    For many years, we have all been encouraged to drink eight glasses of water daily to ensure we are well hydrated.  But not all scientists agree and you can find out more about this different view.