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Why Do Our Fingers and Toes Get Wrinkles When Immersed in Water for Some Time?


We have all experienced that phenomenon when we have spent too long in the bath, the Jacuzzi, the pool or even a natural body of water - and our fingers and toes take on a whole new appearance.

They can become wrinkled and pale with the skin sometimes looking a bit bloated and strange.

But why does this wrinkling effect happen? 

There are said to be several different reasons:

  • One reason is that the skin absorbs water and swells, creating too much stratum corneum (the outer layer of skin).
  • Another reason is that the blood vessels in the skin narrow, causing the skin to pull inward.
  • And a third reason is that the nerve fibers in the skin shrink and affect the body temperature regulator.

Some researchers suggest that this wrinkling is an evolutionary adaptation in order to help us grip wet objects better.

Although all these suggestions have been put forward by experts, there is still a lot they do not know about this phenomenon.

But a few other points they highlight are:

  • Wrinkling does not happen when there is nerve damage in the fingers.
  • Wrinkling also varies depending on the type and duration of water exposure.

A word of reassurance is that wrinkling is temporary and should go away after drying off.

Why is it important to always dry your hands and especially your feet thoroughly?

With regard to your hands, it is important to dry your hands and apply a suitable moisturizer to keep them in peak condition.

A more than suitable moisturizer for your hands is our Simply Hand Oil with its all natural ingredients which have been carefully selected to keep your hands smooth, soft and hydrated.

  • Avocado oil boosts moisture.
  • The natural content of Vitamins A, E and squalene work synergistically to improve the skin texture.
  • Baobab oil contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids which contribute towards maintaining a healthy skin.
  • Sweet almond oil has a fine texture, is easily absorbed, and helps to leave the skin soft and satiny smooth yet it is non-greasy and easily absorbed.
  • Ylang ylang pure essential oil is ideal for balancing the skin's natural oil secretion and the aroma is memorable.
  • Rare and precious Helichrysum essential oil is wildcrafted and has superb qualities for the skin.
  • Exquisite and sophisticated Jasmine oil is the King of Flower Oils with very powerful properties. 

With regard to your feet, if they remain damp when they are encased in socks and shoes, it can lead to problems such as nail fungus, athlete's foot and cracked heels.   




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