Those Top Ten Fruits & Vegetables To Grow In Your Back Yard

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The fashionable movement to grow your own food is constantly on the increase. But it is not just a fashion or a fad, it makes such good health sense too. Here are the top ten that you might find easier and satisfying to grow for yourself Carrots are rich in vitamin A and an excellent source of beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, luteolin, falcarinol and other flavanoids that prevent chronic inflammation. Children love to grow them too. Drill a hole in the soil around half an inch ...


Why Do Those Dark Circles Appear Under Our Eyes?

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Young sad woman looking in the mirror at her wrinkles

No one wants to suffer from dark circles under their eyes. Although they can be treated, or at the very least camouflaged, wouldn't it be better to try to find the actual cause instead? While there can be several reasons for dark circles, they all start with the difference in thickness of the skin around your eyes. This is called the periorbital area. The skin in most areas of your body is between  2 and 3 mm thick (approximately .10 of an ...


Other Ways That Your Feet Can Work For You

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Alkaline bath salt - Basisches Badesalz

You might not know that your feet can help you detox your body. It is all thanks to an ancient Chinese medicine where the Chinese system of reflexology teaches us that our feet have natural energy zones that are linked to those organ systems in our body. Here are some of the ways your feet can work for you... Here is the recipe for a salt detox foot bath Ingredients are: 1 cup of Epsom salts 2 cups of baking soda A few drops of essential oils ...


What are Warts & How Can You Get Rid of Them?

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Feet of unrecognizable woman sitting on window sill with smart phone and cup of coffee

There are lots of different types of warts and many ways to get rid of them. One of these is by concentrating on boosting the immune system by including plenty of vitamin C  and zinc-rich and probiotic foods in your diet. What are warts and how many different types are there? A wart is a small, hard, benign growth on the skin. Common warts are most often seen on the hands and and you will notice skin-colored papules with a rough surface. Flat warts are usually occur ...


Lemon Balm is Easy to Grow With a Long List of Health Benefits

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Lemon Balm by Jane Chitty

Lemon balm must be one of the most satisfying herbs to grow.  It looks pretty, it smells good and it has a whole host of uses and health benefits. Mine is growing very happily in a large terracotta pot in the herb corner of my courtyard garden - as you can see from the photo! If you rub the leaves, which look like mint leaves and range from yellowish green to dark green in color, your hands will smell fresh and lemony. Some ...


Four Food Types to Avoid For Younger Skin

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Pretty young teenage girl laying on a grass

The effects of some of the foods and drinks we enjoy can be reflected in our faces. Our skin can tell a tale. It may be that the food type does not suit us or it may be that we are having too much of it.  The four food and drink types are: Wine (or other alcoholic beverages) Sugar Gluten Dairy  More about wine and its effect on our skin There are signs that our skin will tell us when wine or any other alcoholic beverage is having ...


Wild Lettuce is a Natural Remedy for Headaches, Insomnia & More

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bitter lettuce tea essentials stock

It can be almost too easy to reach for an over-the-counter or prescription medication whenever we suffer from a headache, a migraine, being unable to sleep or other conditions.  But it does not have to be that way. There are plenty of natural ways to deal with those day-to-day problems, many of which we have written about in the past. Have you ever considered using wild lettuce? Wild Lettuce was known to the Egyptians and the ancient Greeks for its ability to calm the ...


Air Pollution Could Be Preventing You From Having A Good Night’s Sleep

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Senior man can not sleep. He is sitting on his bed with headache.

Researchers at the University of Washington have found that (over a period of five years) people living in an environment with high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) - in plain words traffic-related pollutant gas - could have a sixty percent chance of poorer quality sleeping patterns than those who live in areas of lower levels of NO2. Those who live in areas of high pollution are not only at higher risk of heart disease and respiratory illness but also from being ...


Living Life To The Full In Spite Of Type 1 Diabetes

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Measure child glucose level blood test diabetes little girl using glucometer, selective focus

My only sibling, and younger brother, has been living with type 1 diabetes for fifty years. I am very proud of him for the sacrifices he has made, and the temptations he has avoided, to ensure he has lived life to the full for all of those fifty years - helped in no small measure by the caring support from his wife and their three (now adult) children. Finding out you have type 1 diabetes When my brother was a student in college ...


The Top 10 Tips to Get Into That Pool as Often as You Can

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Happy smiling mature man and old woman cycling on a swimming bike in swimming pool. Happy and healthy senior people enjoying swimming with young woman. Fitness class doing aqua aerobics on exercise bikes in a swimming pool.

Most children love to go swimming but this sport is often forgotten about as we grow older. The US Census Bureau tells us that 36% of children swim at least six times a year compared with only 15% of adults. Isn't it time that you got back into the swimming habit once more? There are lots of reasons to help persuade you... Those top 10 tips why you should go back to swimming A swimming workout is one of the best activities you can do ...

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