All You Need to Know for the Many Recipes Requiring Fresh Basil

Added June 19, 2018, Under: How To, Nutrition

The reason that recipes call for fresh basil is because dried basil is pointless - it quickly loses its flavor. One of the most common herbs and popular in cuisine around the world, basil is popular to grow on the kitchen window ledge or in the garden. If you have some space in your back yard, consider growing your very own herb garden.  Here are some ideas! Which basil variety should you choose? There are several different varieties available, making it difficult to decide. What ...


What Is Plogging & Will It Catch On Worldwide?

Added June 15, 2018, Under: Environment, Exercise

We have jogging, we have blogging, we have vlogging - and now we have plogging... But what is plogging? It is a new eco-friendly fitness trend - originating from Sweden. Have you recently spotted people carrying trash bags while they are out jogging or are their hands filled with old plastic bottles?  This latest craze of plogging is making its way to the U.S from Sweden.  The term plogging comes from a mixture of jogging and the Swedish plocka upp which means pick ...


Isn’t Time To Stop & Smell The Roses?

Added June 12, 2018, Under: Dental Care, Environment, Exercise

"What is this life if full of care We have no time to stand and stare?" But it is not just about staring, it is also about smelling... What research has found In a recent joint UK study at Sussex University and Oxford University, two researchers - Dr. Sophie Forster and Professor Charles Spence - have found that busy people are less likely to stop and smell the roses and may even be "smell blind". Through their research, they discovered that just as people miss ...


Synthetic Enamel & Is This The Way Forward For Tooth Repair?

Added June 10, 2018, Under: Dental Care, Technology

Researchers in the UK have now developed a new way to grow materials which could regenerate hard tissues such as dental enamel and even bone. And they are not the only ones.  A USA team have been working on the same subject matter. What is enamel? Enamel is the hardest tissue in the body and enables teeth to function for a large part of our lifetime - despite exposure to acidic foods, drinks and temperatures both hot and cold. The problem with enamel up ...


Top Tips On How To Be A More Natural & Organic Gardener

Added June 7, 2018, Under: Environment, Exercise, How To

It is that time of year (early summer in the northern hemisphere) when many people want to get their gardens and yards looking their best so that they can enjoy being outside in attractive and natural surroundings. Fortunately in recent years, gardeners have been changing to less harsh methods and embracing a more organic way of doing things. We are trying to step back from being such a throw away society and looking to see how we can make wildlife more welcome, ...


As This Commodity Becomes Scarcer, Should You Consider A Personal Water Target?

Added May 31, 2018, Under: Environment, How To

Over the years, I have experienced drought conditions in different areas - South Africa, East Africa and Southern California. It makes you appreciate the English climate for its gentle rainfall. But even the UK is at risk from drought The Environment Agency here in the UK has recently warned that people need to use less water and companies must curb leaks to prevent future water shortages and damage to rivers and wildlife. They added that many sources of water supplies are already overstretched and, ...


A Safer Sunscreen to Protect from the Summer Sun

Added May 28, 2018, Under: Health, How To, Vitamin D

In recent decades, we have been scared off enjoying sunlight and coerced into slathering on sunscreen for when we do go into the sun - and the manufacturers of commercial sunscreen have loved their high sales figures as a result. But the higher the SPF, the more synthetic chemicals are used in the sunscreen and the less the possibility of any vitamin D being manufactured. We might slap them on several times a day for “our time in the sun” but, ...


This Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show Reflects Common Skin Conditions

Added May 22, 2018, Under: Skin Conditions

Probably the most popular Garden Show in the world, the Chelsea Flower Show is back again for its annual May extravaganza. And there is something featured this year that is very different. The Skin Deep Garden It is the "Skin Deep" Garden where the designer has used nearly two hundred concrete blocks to represent those people who have various skin conditions at different times in their lives. This Garden is saying that our outer skin layer reflects our life story - and reveals to ...


How Can You Deal With Pain in a More Natural Way? Our Top Ten Tips

Added May 20, 2018, Under: Arthritis, Headaches & Migraines, Health, How To, Inflammation, Natural remedies, Top 10

We all suffer from pain at some stage.  It can be minor pain or it can be chronic. But do we always just reach for the pain meds without a second thought? It could be that we don't think enough about trying something more basic and natural. Something as simple as water! Water Water reduces body temperature which is beneficial for those working in hot climates. Water will replenish the fluids your body has lost - and help cool your body down. Drinking more water is a simple preventative measure to protect ...


Go Barefoot If You Can for These Top Ten Health Reasons

Added May 17, 2018, Under: Environment, Exercise, Headaches & Migraines, Inflammation, Insomnia, Top 10

Do you make a habit of going barefoot when you can?  It can be very liberating but it can also be very good for you. We can share as many as ten good reasons why going barefoot is a healthy choice Earthing or grounding (as it is known) means that your bare feet draw electrons from the earth.  Different studies have found many benefits from these electrons such as changing the electrical activity in the brain to lessen pain, improving skin conductivity, ...

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