Wrinkles & Do They Have a Future?

Added January 16, 2017, Under: How To, Skin Conditions, Technology

Girl having problems with skin looking in the mirror

How do you feel about wrinkles?  Were you horrified when they started to appear or do you look upon them as a necessary part of growing older?  Would you make them less noticeable if you could? Wrinkles and the global anti-aging beauty market is big business with an annual value of over one hundred billion dollars which says a lot about how many people actually feel about the onset of wrinkles and other signs of aging. They want to get rid of ...


10 Tips to Wake Up Feeling Happy!

Added January 13, 2017, Under: Health, Top 10

alarmclock silhouette at sunrise cityscape

Of course top of the list has to be a good night's sleep.  But that sometimes takes a bit of work and effort to achieve. Our top ten tips 1.  Try to relax more before bedtime so that you fall asleep more easily. Reading in bed with a natural candle burning safely on your nightstand is one way to relax.  We share how to choose safer, more natural candles in our earlier blog post.  Look for those candles that are made without ...


The Perils of Living Close to a Busy Highway

Added January 9, 2017, Under: Children's Health, Diseases, Environment, Health

Traffic on highway with cars.

  For some years now, it has become obvious that the levels of air pollution close to highways, and other busy roads, are on the increase - dramatically. And health risks are top of the list of those perils According to the American Lung Association, almost 50% of USA citizens are subjected to unhealthy air - laden with one or more criteria air pollutants. A major source of this air pollution is the exhaust from the tailpipes of trucks and cars. And this pollution ...


Suffering from Back Pain? News of a Unique Form of Treatment from Japan

Added January 4, 2017, Under: Arthritis, Health, How To

people, healthcare and problem concept - unhappy man suffering from pain in back or reins at home

There is a unique back pain treatment in the news and it originated in Japan. Based on the same idea as swaddling a young baby, adults who suffer from (or who wish to prevent) back pain are flocking to a new form of therapy where they are tightly wrapped in large sheets of cloth for twenty minutes at a time. Known as Otonamaki (or adult wrapping) this practice has become popular. Back pain is surprisingly common and even factors like depression, anxiety or ...


Loneliness & the Risks to your Health

Added December 30, 2016, Under: Diseases, Health

Lonely woman sitting on a bench by the sea

Loneliness in the western world has become a major public health issue.  In the USA, it is an invisible epidemic that is said to affect sixty million Americans. While everyone feels lonely at certain times in their lives, chronic loneliness poses a serious health risk with research showing that loneliness and social isolation are as much a threat to your health as obesity and smoking. We're more connected than ever but are we feeling more alone? Social pain and loneliness are as real ...


Does Paper Still Have a Future in Our Lives?

Added December 26, 2016, Under: Books, Environment, How To, Technology

Girl with blank diary and pen sitting on wooden bench

In this digital age, it is sometimes difficult to remember that a hard copy is always the most reliable way of preserving material. Technology continually changes and updates - and one system of saving material keeps replacing an older version so that, in time, there could be no way of recalling the original archives.  The equipment required eventually becomes obsolete. It was not too long ago that we thought we were heading for a paperless society - but it has not ...


Psoriasis, The Causes & The Triggers

Added December 24, 2016, Under: Arthritis, Health, Inflammation, Skin Conditions

Hand writing Psoriasis with blue marker on transparent wipe board.

It is important for everyone to know that psoriasis is not contagious in any way. But why do people develop this skin condition? While scientists continue to be baffled about exactly what causes psoriasis, they confirm that it is linked to a problem with your immune system - your body's defence against germs. If you have psoriasis, your immune system mistakenly attacks healthy skin cells, as if it were fighting an infection. Your body responds by making new skin cells every few ...


Would You Want to Preserve Your Tattoo for Posterity?

Added December 20, 2016, Under: Environment, How To, Technology

Man holds camera and taking photo

It never ceases to amaze me how people will come up with a completely innovative idea with which to start a business - something that no one else thinks of first. The latest such idea is the "removal" of unique tattoos from someone who has died so that these can live on.  Such tattoos may have special meaning and saving these may bring comfort to other family members. Whether or not we like and/or approve of tattoos, we have to agree that ...


Lavender Essential Oil is an Ingredient for a Simply Made Setting Spray for your Makeup

Added December 15, 2016, Under: How To, Skin Conditions

Spray bottle photographed while spraying its content against black background

When you have taken the time and the care to apply your makeup, whether it is for work, for a special occasion or just because it always makes you feel good, it makes sense to ensure that your makeup stays intact for as long as possible before you have to remove it again at bedtime. Various activities, including exercise, can prevent your makeup staying in place while getting caught in the rain or having to endure high humidity can all affect ...


A Revolutionary Remedy for Tremors in the Hands

Added December 12, 2016, Under: Diseases, Doctors, Technology

Old people holding hands. couple concept. love concept.

There has been some revolutionary brain surgery carried out in the UK where a new technique targets tremors in the hands, and elsewhere, using high-intensity sound waves. This could be very good news for sufferers of many conditions Such conditions include Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis (MS) - and essential tremor (ET) which is a brain disorder that causes uncontrollable shaking and currently affects a million people in the UK. Twenty patients with ET are now being treated with this new therapy and I have watched ...

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