Top Ten Delicious Super Fruits To Give You a Super Charged Health Boost

Added January 18, 2018, Under: Health, Nutrition, Top 10

How many of these super fruits are you including in your diet? There are so many different colors among this selection of fruit and that is another advantage. When you read all the good things about them, you might well make more effort to add them in regularly... Bananas Bananas prevent cardiovascular problems, promote good bone mass and prevent constipation and heartburn. Pomegranates These will help the body to regulate sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation. Avocados Avocados are rich in vitamins A, E, D, B1, ...


Top Ten Natural Remedies to Soothe & Ease Eczema Symptoms

Added January 16, 2018, Under: Children's Health, Health, How To, Natural remedies, Skin Conditions, Top 10

Prescription and over-the-counter creams, gels and other medications are common forms of eczema treatments. Unfortunately, these may contain chemicals and other potentially harmful ingredients. Even though there is no cure for eczema, controlling your symptoms is possible and our suggested top ten natural remedies will work with your body to help to heal your symptoms or those of your child. The presence of inflammation is also key to the symptoms of eczema. Cool Wet Compresses These will relieve itching when there is a rash or redness ...


How to Remove Nail Fungus from Toenails Naturally

Added January 11, 2018, Under: How To, Natural remedies, Skin Conditions

Although fungi infections can appear anywhere on the body, toenails are especially prone to fungus. This is because much of the time,  the nails are trapped in shoes where they have a warm, closed and even damp environment - perfect for bacteria. The three stages of nail fungus The nail plate is still shiny and transparent but yellow and white spots have started to appear. The nail plate loses its transparency and gloss while yellowish spots occupy the entire surface, beginning a ...


Are Two Eggs a Day Too Many?

Added January 10, 2018, Under: Diets, Health, How To, Skin Conditions, Vitamin D

Several decades ago here in the UK, there used to be a popular TV commercial for eggs with the slogan "Go to Work on an Egg".  This was back in the 1960s when eggs were considered to be a highly nutritious food – and before the decades-long misconception that egg yolks were a contributing factor to heart disease. The thinking behind the slogan was that a substantial breakfast was essential for anyone to start the day so that they could go ...


Children Who Sing Can Improve Both Their Hearing & Their Self Confidence

Added January 4, 2018, Under: Babies, Children's Health, How To, Parents

Do you have children or grandchildren who love to sing and, if so, do you give them every encouragement? It seems that you should because even just an hour of singing per week can increase your child's confidence and, surprisingly, help those children with hearing problems to hear much better. Researchers even go as far as to say singing can be a powerful medicine. And of course people of all ages will benefit from singing too. Research at the University College in London The researchers ...


Why Psoriasis Sufferers Should Take This Vitamin

Added December 31, 2017, Under: Health, Skin Conditions, Vitamin D

You many have heard of the skin condition known as Psoriasis and pronounced with a silent "p". It is a chronic disease of the immune system and can be very debilitating when cells build up on the surface of the skin, leading to thick and red scaly patches.  These patches can be both itchy and painful. Psoriasis is surprisingly common with up to 7.5 million people in the USA having this condition while some 30% of these also develop a form of ...


Gold Dust For Acne & Other Fairy Tales!

Added December 29, 2017, Under: Inflammation, Skin Conditions, Technology

There is a new alternative for acne symptoms being publicized - with patients being asked to test it for the manufacturers. The manufacturers are planning on curing acne with the help of gold dust. How will the test work? Scientists are looking for fifty volunteers (of all ages) to be part of a trial for testing the new therapy known as Sebacia. Already approved in the USA, the treatment is a face cream containing tiny particles of gold which is massaged into the affected ...


How Children & A Fish Supper Can Equal A Good Night’s Sleep

Added December 23, 2017, Under: Children's Health, How To, Insomnia, Vitamin D

Researchers have found that children who eat fish for supper at least once a week will sleep more soundly than those who do not. In the study, over 500 children (between the ages of 9 and 11) were asked how often they ate fish - options ranged from "never" to at least "once per week". The children also answered questions about their sleep quality, having to say how long they slept for, how frequently they woke up during the night and whether ...


Do You Ever Give Ear Wax a Second Thought?

Added December 21, 2017, Under: Doctors, Health, How To, Natural remedies

Obviously we all have ears and we all produce ear wax but do we ever give it much thought? Considered a bit of a nuisance by many, ear wax actually has a part to play. The color of ear wax can tell us about the state of our health While it protects the skin and the ear itself from both water and infections, the color of your wax can sometimes be an indication of something wrong. For example, normal ear wax ranges from light ...


Why Do Many Find They Sleep Better In A Cold Bedroom?

Added December 16, 2017, Under: Diseases

Whatever time of the year, our bodies like it cool at night - if the temperature is too high, this can cause interruption to our sleep. No one wants to suffer from sleep deprivation as, apart from meaning you cannot operate to your full capacity, it is said to be a leading cause of heart disease and obesity. It is worthwhile on every level to try and get a good night's sleep every night. Why is it better to sleep in a cold ...

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