The Top 10 Tips to Get Into That Pool as Often as You Can

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Happy smiling mature man and old woman cycling on a swimming bike in swimming pool. Happy and healthy senior people enjoying swimming with young woman. Fitness class doing aqua aerobics on exercise bikes in a swimming pool.

Most children love to go swimming but this sport is often forgotten about as we grow older. The US Census Bureau tells us that 36% of children swim at least six times a year compared with only 15% of adults. Isn't it time that you got back into the swimming habit once more? There are lots of reasons to help persuade you... Those top 10 tips why you should go back to swimming A swimming workout is one of the best activities you can do ...


Sitting Too Much Can Be As Deadly As Smoking

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Young woman at home with a tablet and a dog

You may be exercising regularly or you may be eating a healthy diet but if you spend too much time sitting, this can be as dangerous as being a smoker. Being a smoker is often held up as an example of dangerous living and seems to have now become the bench mark by which your habits (good or bad) are defined. Here are some examples of the dangers of too much sitting Your risk of diabetes increases by 3.4% for each hour spent ...


Coffee Pods Are Yet Another Threat to Our Environment

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Expresso coffee machine with capsules and coffee served background on wood table. Top view

Coffee machines are constantly growing in popularity and, with that growth, comes an increasing number of coffee pods with their sales overtaking that of instant and ground coffee. And much of the increase in popularity of these machines is due to advertizing and endorsing by actor George Clooney on behalf of Nespresso. Coffee pods are currently not biodegradable They are made with a mix of plastic and aluminum which means they cannot be recycled at traditional facilities.  Instead, millions of pods are added ...


The Downside of Aluminium Foil

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Roll of aluminum foil on white background

Aluminum foil, which was first introduced in the early 1900s, is currently one of the most commonly used items in our kitchens. While it is extremely versatile (being used for cooking and wrapping), it is neurotoxic by nature.  This means it can negatively affect the brain function, perhaps even going as far as to be a factor in the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Medical experts have found that cooking with aluminum foil impacts bone health because the metal accumulates in the ...


Boost your Child’s Confidence and Health Benefits When They Cook in the Kitchen

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young happy childrens kids family preparing funny cookies in kitchen at home

If children are given the chance to have a go at cooking, they really enjoy the opportunity - and if they happen to be picky eaters, they might well learn to become less fussy too. Learning to cook has become a new after school activity In some places in the UK, cookery classes are becoming as popular as judo, swimming or ballet and are helping to promote a love of healthy ingredients and an adventurous approach to eating - this is a ...


It is Asparagus Time, What are You Waiting for?

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Photo of a farmer holding a freshly cut bunch of organic asparagus in his hand. The piece of cane is his hand shows the minimum length that the asparagus must reach before they are harvested. The focus is on the asparagus he is holding and he is wearing a faded blue tunic that contrasts nicely with the green of the asparagus and  gives a nice area for copy space. Horizontal format.

It is asparagus season once more here in the northern hemisphere and who could not be tempted by the sweet and delicious flavour of this super food. We share the top ten health benefits of asparagus Packed with good vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, E, K and B6, folic, iron, copper, calcium protein and fiber. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant, helping strengthen the immune system and protect cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. Asparagus is naturally low in fat ...


This “Very Hungry Caterpillar” Could Be More Than Welcome

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We all know about the dangers of waste plastic and how it takes years and years to break down, ending up as small toxic pieces. Apart from recycling, until recently the only known way to dispose of plastic was by the use of bacteria which took a day to biodegrade just 0.13 mg of plastic - a very slow process. Now the very hungry caterpillar has come on to the scene.  Actually the larvae of the greater wax moth which normally ...


How to Make Old Fashioned Lavender Soap

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Lavender flowers and soap on grey table

The history of soap goes back thousands of years and it was only in "16th century Europe" that olive oil became the main ingredient of the hard white soap we know today - Castile soap from the area of Spain where there was an abundant supply of olive oil. Step back in history to the Tudor times in England and find out about making soap.  The Tudors used to call their soap a "wash ball". Now you can have a go at ...


Do You Suffer From Cramps in Your Feet and if so, Why?

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Male athlete stretching his legs and feet.

Most of us have suffered from an unwanted muscle spasm or cramp in the feet - with a sudden contraction or tightening of the muscles. This can happen after spending a long time sitting; undergoing an intense workout; or after a run. Foot cramps can be be short lived or last much longer and may even cause pain to the affected foot if it becomes bent during the cramps. What causes foot cramps? Cramps usually occur when we are in a resting position after movement. ...


Has Your Skin Taken Its Vitamins Today?

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Healthy concept. Fresh color fruits and vegetables

Most of us who care about our good health make sure to get our daily vitamin dose either through organic whole foods or via vitamin supplements.  Examples include Vitamin C and  Vitamin D - and our skin, along with the rest of our organs, will of course benefit from such vitamins. But now you have the opportunity to apply vitamins direct to your skin with the arrival of our own Simply Vitamin Skin Oil - a unique nutritional blend of oils to feed ...

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