Do You Suffer From Cramps in Your Feet and if so, Why?

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Male athlete stretching his legs and feet.

Most of us have suffered from an unwanted muscle spasm or cramp in the feet - with a sudden contraction or tightening of the muscles. This can happen after spending a long time sitting; undergoing an intense workout; or after a run. Foot cramps can be be short lived or last much longer and may even cause pain to the affected foot if it becomes bent during the cramps. What causes foot cramps? Cramps usually occur when we are in a resting position after movement. ...


Has Your Skin Taken Its Vitamins Today?

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Healthy concept. Fresh color fruits and vegetables

Most of us who care about our good health make sure to get our daily vitamin dose either through organic whole foods or via vitamin supplements.  Examples include Vitamin C and  Vitamin D - and our skin, along with the rest of our organs, will of course benefit from such vitamins. But now you have the opportunity to apply vitamins direct to your skin with the arrival of our own Simply Vitamin Skin Oil - a unique nutritional blend of oils to feed ...


Water, Water Everywhere & Different Ways to Drink it

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Mint tea, fresh mint leaves and lemon.

You might be interested to know that there are different ways to drink water. You can add various edible items to make your drink water healthier. Would you like to find out more? 6 ways to add interest to your drinking water Cook your drinking water by boiling it for ten minutes before cooling to room temperature and keeping it covered in a container. Add seeds to your water.  Add 5 seeds of your choice for every half cup of boiling water, making sure to ...


Go to Work on an Egg!

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broken brown egg is among the whites of eggs.

"Go to work on an egg!" was a very popular advertizing slogan back in the 1960s when eggs were considered to be a highly nutritious food - and before the decades-long misconception that egg yolks were a contributing factor to heart disease. The thinking behind the slogan was that a substantial breakfast was essential for anyone to start the day so that they could go to their place of employment, to school or carry out the household chores with the right ...


When Postpartum Psychosis is Closer to Home

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Photos by Nadia Attura - Fine Art Photography

A couple I have known for several years are sharing their story in honor of World Maternal Mental Health Day which takes place on 3rd May. The birth of their daughter Sofia marked the start of an incredible journey, but it was also one of the most shocking and saddest times of their lives because ten days after the birth, Benedicte was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis. This is Benedicte's story... Ten days after giving birth, I was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis and admitted ...


Vitamin Deficiency and the Link with Migraines

Added April 10, 2017, Under: Diseases

An elderly man.

Migraine attacks can last from two hours to as long as three days. They can cause considerable pain and discomfort although all migraines are different. There may be common symptoms such as throbbing and searing pain; nausea, chills or sweating; there may be sensitivity to light, sound or smell; there may be vomiting; or there may be an aura. Every day some twenty million people worldwide will suffer from a migraine attack. Some of the causes of migraines 1. Vascular Constriction in the Brain. Blood ...


Osteoporosis & How to Prevent or Even Reverse This Condition

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Closeup of arm rehabilitation on treatment couch

This partly inherited condition is feared by many women (and less often by men) as they grow older - but the good news is that early lifestyle choices and changes can make a difference, even slowing down bone loss after it has been diagnosed. Osteoporosis is a bone disease and the word means porous bones. Decreased bone strength comes as a result of both reduced bone quantity and quality.  If you have osteoporosis, you have an increased risk of bone fractures. What ...


Skin Creams with Paraffin can have Hidden Dangers

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Used petroleum jelly

A recent media report has reported that those commercial skin creams containing paraffin - and used to treat skin conditions  such as eczema and psoriasis - have been linked to fire-related deaths. How could this happen? Both the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (or MHRA) and the London Fire Brigade have been issuing warnings over several years, saying that a paraffin residue from such products can soak into pyjamas and bedding - making it flammable. The fire risks increase if the clothing ...


Are There Advantages for Males in Having a Hot Bath?

Added March 28, 2017, Under: Diseases

Adult man having a bath with essential oil

I would guess that most men rarely consider having a bath, preferring instead to take that daily shower.  But now new research by Dr Steve Faulkner (research associate in exercise physiology at Loughborough University) has revealed the benefits of passive heating from having a hot bath - including how it can be as good for you as exercise. Passive heating is the complete opposite of getting hot and sweaty from regular exercise. A hot bath can reduce chronic inflammation and high blood ...


Children More Likely to Eat Fruit & Veggies if They Grow Their Own

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blog image - strawberries and sunlight

With spring time in the northern hemisphere once more, it is time to turn our thoughts to the outdoors, the garden and encouraging our children to help us grow our own food in the months ahead. The younger we start to give our children the opportunity to discover the delights of sowing, harvesting and eating their own produce, the better - and the more likely they are to enjoy fruit and veggies in their daily diet! How to create a child friendly ...

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