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Age Spots on Your Hands?

Age Spots

Sadly, our hands will often be the first area to show our age.  They can betray us more than our neck, our chest, our face or even our gray hair!

As we age, the skin on our hands grows thinner and slacker with obvious bulging veins - and age spots.

Some of us will stop wearing our favorite bracelets or stop using nail polish to avoid drawing attention to those hands.

Others will tuck away their hands out of sight if they can.

H-Age Spots Formula is natural and effective

H-Age Spots Formula is 100% natural and contains no added chemicals. Gentle and effectively resolve ager spots on your hands or body.

Age Spots

Keeping your hands hydrated is top of the list in the fight against aging

But hand aging is not necessarily our own fault.  This is because the backs of our hands have less fat than the rest of our body, meaning any loss of collagen or elastin ages our hands more than our neck, chest - even our face.

Just a small decrease in collagen and elastin levels is enough to give hands a "thin, translucent, tissue paper texture.  When the skin gets too thin, it leads to other problems…

  • Your veins bulge out more
  • Skin folds into wrinkles more easily
  • And age spots and dark spots are more able to rise to the surface

All of these combine, leading to aging.

Hand washing (which has become even more frequent in the past couple of years) can be very detrimental leading to dry skin on the hands.  And of course, all that hand sanitizing has not helped either.  

It is important to keep every layer of your hands hydrated all day, no matter how often you wash them.

Our own Simply Hand Oil made from a blend of pure natural essential oils and cold pressed or expeller pressed precious oils to instantly improve the skin's natural moisture cushion while restoring comfort and glow to one of the body's most exposed areas. It deeply hydrates, softens and enhances the look of the skin providing nourishment and promoting healthy and radiant looking hands. 

  • Promote a moisture cushion for hands to look younger
  • Deliver long-lasting hydration while creating a protective layer to help prevent moisture loss
  • Leave the skin feeling soft and smooth


H-Age Spots Formula is the natural solution for age spots. There are no chemicals or synthetic substances but only a pure blend of established ingredients, designed to go to work naturally with deep and penetrating action.  This assists in balancing skin tone to get a more even tone without the use of harmful additives or chemicals. 





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