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An Apple a Day Still Holds True


Here in the UK, it is proving to be a bumper season for apples.  Producers are finding it hard to keep up with all the harvesting and there will certainly be no shortage for cider manufacturing.  And every second house has a basket of apples at their entrance for passersby to help themselves!

This bumper crop is being attributed to a mild spell in the spring when the blossoms were at their peak (and being pollinated) followed by a long hot summer which has added to their sweetness levels.


But apples are not just for cider and for apple juice

They are for eating fresh too!  And if you can eat a whole apple, skin and all, you will reap all these health benefits too! 

The skin contains those all-important flavonoids that are rich in antioxidants to:

  • Improve blood flow, blood vessel production, blood pressure and heart health.
  • Boost the brain.
  • Reduce cholesterol.
  • Help with chronic inflammation.
  • Top up your potassium levels.
  • Possibly leading to a lower risk of diabetes 2.
  • Provide some prebiotics to help with gut health.
  • Supply a rich source of phytochemicals (examples include catechin, quercetin and chlorogenic acid) which can reduce the risk of serious disease including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and asthma. 


The rest of the apple is good too!

  • Rich in vitamins C and E.
  • Full of fiber for healthier bowel movements and to help prevent fissures and hemorrhoids.
  • The fiber can slow digestion so you feel fuller after eating. This can keep you from overeating.  
  • Eating fiber-rich foods helps control symptoms and lessens the effects of acid reflux.

And you don't have to always eat apples raw.  When apple is stewed or put in a crumble, it still provides all those health benefits.

One of the highest levels of flavonoids is found in the popular "Pink Lady" apple but of course all apples will come with some flavonoids.


Eat an apple a day

The more modern saying is "Eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away" but an older saying from the year 1866 - and which originated in Wales - was slightly different:

"Eat an apple a day on going to bed

And you'll keep the doctor from earning his bread."

More suggestions on ways to eat apples

  • Add apple slices to cereals for a better taste.
  • Spread peanut butter on apple slices for a handy breakfast.
  • Include sliced apples in your favourite sandwich.
  • Roast apple slices with some salt and pepper and add it with your meal.
  • Dip apple slices in caramel for a rich taste.
  • Grill apples as an accompaniment for that barbeque meal.
  • Simply munch on the whole fruit during those craving hours.





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