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Five Body Parts That We Might Forget To Wash


When we bath or shower, it is easy to remember to wash all the regular areas but are you missing out on some of the less obvious places?

We share some tips on those body parts that you might be neglecting without realizing...

The belly button

Belly buttons come in all shapes making some of them easier to clean than others.  Belly buttons can be warm and cosy with nooks and crevices, making them a great place for bacteria to hide.  It is important to clean them regularly.

If you have one which looks like a protruding little knot, the best way to wash it is by using soap, water and a washcloth. 

However, those with an indented belly button can find it more difficult to keep it clean as some can be quite deep.  One suggestion is to use a Q tip to help with applying soap and water to the button area.  Gently wriggling the Q tip around will help to dislodge any accumulated grime and wash it out.  Another suggestion is to use an alcohol solution or salt water to act as a cleanser and antiseptic solution - again with the help of a Q tip. 

A word of warning - if you find any discharge, pus or notice an odor or suffer from pain, redness, inflammation and swelling, there could be an infection and this should be checked out in case further treatment is required.  

The ears

The second area that can easily be neglected is behind the ears.  One easy way to keep the ears clean is when you are washing your hair and it is full of shampoo, to just use some of those soapy suds and a wash cloth to attend to the ears at the same time.

That warm and recessed area behind the ears is full of sebaceous glands which secrete sebum, providing an ideal hiding place for Staph aureus, Tinea capitis and corporis bacteria.  If not cleaned regularly, any of these are capable of producing a musty odor.

At the same time, don't forget the back of your neck which is another warm and perhaps sweaty area especially if you exercise frequently or have long hair. This can make it inviting for both bacteria and body mites to thrive. You should clean the back of your neck daily with some mild soap and a warm, wet washcloth.

Of course, the insides of the ears is a whole different story...

The fingernails

If you are giving your hands a good wash, don't forget to clean your finger nails at the same time to remove all forms of dirt and debris that can easily accumulate under the nails particularly if you have been doing manual work or chores.  A nail brush complete with some warm and soapy water will do the job.

The toes and especially between the toes

While you may be giving your feet a good soaping in the bath or the shower, people often forget to clean between their toes.  Dry skin can easily accumulate while Staph aureus and Tinea pedis (the fungus that causes athlete’s foot) are common in these areas, especially if you sweat vigorously, don't wear socks or are fond of sandals and flipflops. Every time you wash your feet, don't neglect to wash and dry between your toes using some soap.


The elbows and the creases on the other side of the elbows

If you think about your elbows and their creases, you might realize that the elbows themselves are often placed on dirty surfaces (countertops, desks, restaurant tables).  They are also prone to dry and scaly skin which can develop  micro skin breaks providing access to bacteria and/or soft tissue infections.  Remember to clean these areas regularly.  Applying a few drops of Simply Body Oil afterwards will help to keep them moisturized.





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