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Why does foundation settle into the fine lines on the face?

While the cause of this creasing can sometimes be the foundation itself, it is usually because of the state of your skin.

If your skin is not sufficiently moisturized, the skin will actually transfer any hydration into the foundation itself.  This means that moisturizing is especially important.

The pigment in the foundation can either be left behind unevenly on top of the skin or it can be drawn right into the fine lines.


The problems that can arise with more mature skin

Foundations that work well on younger skin may not be as good a fit for drier, more mature skin especially when there are fine lines and/or wrinkles.

It is suggested that those foundations that are silicone-based are more helpful with smoothing the appearance of various skin textures while assisting in longevity throughout the day.

In addition, such foundations can provide a diffused blur to large pores and softening the appearance of creases.  Such foundations will usually come with wording saying “adding luminosity”. 

Another piece of advice to take note of is that those with dry skin or more mature skin should opt for liquid or cream type of foundations, providing improved blending and fuller coverage than a powder type of foundation would. 

Liquid foundation comes with a higher degree of coverage.  It also has ingredients that help pigments to spread more easily on the skin.  At the same time, they also contain humectants and emollients to help hydrate and soften the skin. 


How to ensure smoother skin

Cleansing your skin (and exfoliating from time to time) are important for this.  If you fail to start the day with properly cleansed skin, it can mean your makeup is sitting on top of bacteria, dead skin, oil, perspiration and/or dust.  It can then mean your foundation is not properly absorbed.  Simply Cleansing Oil is suggested.

Another point to consider is if your makeup contains talc as an ingredient – for example blush or bronzer.  Such an ingredient can contribute to the problem.



Layering can achieve the best result

Before applying any makeup (including foundation), the skin should be CLEANSED and MOISTURIZED.  The right oil such as Simply Face Oil will leave the skin feeling soft and smooth after just a few minutes, providing the perfect layer beneath your foundation. 

Some users will find it helpful to use a PRIMER after the moisturizer and before the foundation as this can help to prevent foundation migration, working throughout the day to keep make up in place.  A primer can also help to fill in fine lines and any other areas of uneven texture, forming a barrier between your skin and your makeup while locking in hydration and creating a smooth canvas for applying your foundation.



Not forgetting to give those wrinkles and fine lines a treat

You can start reducing the look of fine lines gently and naturally with H-Glow Formula.  We have talked above about smoothing the skin and this Formula work at doing this naturally as a night treatment.

While you may not be able to prevent age lines or fine lines in the long term, it is more than possible to naturally smooth and reduce them around the lips, on the neck, around eyes, and anywhere else on the body.

Release your Inner glow too.