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Ironing & Is It Just A Task From The Past?

 width= Would you believe that some of us have found that the task of ironing is perfect for stress relief and even therapeutic! And yes, I know that the whole concept has become a bit outdated. But even so, with the return of many other areas of nostalgia, could ironing become more popular again?

Why did ironing fall out of favor?

The advent of synthetic materials, the arrival of the tumble dryer and a generally busier lifestyle.

Why could ironing make a return?

The trend to more natural materials for clothing and bedding (which do crease more), a liking for going back to hanging washing out in the fresh air - and making time for things that might be important. And if you can do a few minutes of ironing while doing something else such as listening to music or watching something easy on the eye on TV, you can be multi-tasking. On the subject of synthetic materials, studies are now suggesting that we may be ingesting more microplastic from our clothing than anywhere else. Apart from the washing of these materials and releasing microplastics into waterways and eventually the ocean, simply rubbing the arm of your sweater can release thousands of plastic microfibers into the air which then fall onto your plate or enter your lungs when you breathe.

There is one detail millennials may miss when getting dressed

And that is ironing their clothes. Five minutes can help make a seriously greater first impression.  width= Excuses not to iron can include:
  • Wrinkles are inevitable, so why waste time ironing? There is an immense difference between an un-ironed garment and the natural wrinkles that appear after being ironed and worn.
  • Ironing is too time-consuming. The time spent on ironing is relative to what is in your wardrobe. The more pieces you own in materials that wrinkle, the more ironing your life will require. If you don’t want to iron in bulk, be productive and multitask a little at a time.
  • I just don’t care. If you care about fashion and looking stylish, about making a good first impression and looking professional, about not looking lazy, then perhaps ironing your clothes when necessary is more important than you care to admit.
If you need help...

In the meantime...

Want to freshen up your linen or make your clothes smell freshly laundered? Try this easy lavender linen or ironing spray.
You will need:
Mix together and funnel into a spray bottle to use as required when doing your ironing!  width=

Are there health benefits to ironing?

Don't laugh - but a recent initiative in the UK is the formation of an Ironing Club where people will get together to share the joys of ironing. The Club was prompted by a survey that showed more Britons would choose ironing over yoga or meditation as a way to relax! A relaxation expert will demonstrate a series of ironing moves including:
  • Breathing in time with the iron
  • Inhaling the smell of fresh laundry and
  • Ironing in sync
Many of you will be sceptical of this, knowing how ironing is no longer considered a necessity. And even among older generations, there has been a tendency to iron less.    width= My own family have always known that I am happy to do ironing. A couple of times a week, I will set up my board and iron and get down to the job while listening to music or watching something on TV. I find it relaxing and satisfying and at the end of the session, I can put freshly washed and ironed piles of clothes away ready and waiting for the next time they are needed.

Don't just think of ironing as a tedious task but instead look at it as a soothing, smoothing exercise to make you and your clothes look so much better!