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Natural Solution For Moles

H-Moles Formula

What are Moles?

A common mole is a growth on the skin.  It develops when pigment cells grow in clusters.
You are likely to have between ten and forty common moles which are usually found above the waist on those areas which can be exposed to the sun - but are seldom found on the scalp, breast or buttocks.

While some common moles may be present when we are born, they are more likely to appear during childhood and can continue to appear up until the forties.  As we age, common moles tend to fade away.

What does a common mole look like?

Here is what to look for:

  • Usually smaller than about a quarter inch (or the width of a pencil eraser) a common mole is round or oval with a smooth surface, often dome shaped and with a distinct edge. 
  • A common mole usually has an even color of pink, tan or brown.
  • Those with a dark skin or hair will be more likely to have darker moles than people with fair skin or blonde hair.

H-Moles Formula

When to consult your doctor

Only very rarely does a common mole become a suspect one.  But you should always be aware that certain changes in a mole can indicate a problem.  Consult your doctor if:

  • The color of the mole changes.
  • The mole becomes smaller or bigger but in an uneven way.
  • The mole changes in shape, texture or height.
  • The skin on the surface of the mole becomes dry or scaly.
  • The mole becomes hard or feels lumpy.
  • The mole starts to itch.
  • The mole bleeds or oozes.

Why would you want to remove a mole?

The number of people asking to have moles removed is growing with many feeling self-conscious about their moles - particularly when they are in a prominent position.  It is much more likely for women to be in this group.

There can sometimes be a problem with scarring if a mole is removed surgically.  Scarring is unpredictable and could even mean the scar can look worse than the original mole.

Consider this natural safe alternative

H-Moles Formula is gentle, natural and leaves no scarring

H-Moles Formula

    H-Moles Formula is the natural solution for benign moles 

    After your moles have been checked by your doctor, the Formula can be used at home on your benign moles. The process simply requires just a small amount of patience and daily applications.  H-Moles Formula works without any pain or scarring and takes care of benign skin moles in the comfort of your home.

    Ideal to use:

    • Under the arms and arm pits
    • For facial moles and those on the neck
    • Moles in sensitive areas
    • On the stomach, torso, legs and feet
    Simply use a cotton swab or your finger to apply and the formula will start working immediately.
    Our natural formula is concentrated, so only a few drops are necessary.  While you can expect to see results in a few weeks, some stubborn moles may take longer. Depending on the size and the amount of moles, the entire process will vary from person to person.


     H-Moles Formula



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