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Sweet Dreams with these Top Tips to Sleep More Soundly


It makes good sense to have a bedroom that is comfortable and conducive to good quality sleep.

We share some top tips to create the perfect environment for a restful night of restorative and rejuvenating sleep.


If you possibly can, invest in high quality bed linen because it affects the way we sleep.  Pure cotton or linen is best because of their breathing and comfort qualities.


Studies have found that bad odors can lead to nightmares while pleasant smells can make dreams sweeter.  Suggestion is a drop of our Lavender Oil on your pillow at night.


Floor coverings

If you have the choice or the chance, replace carpeting with wood flooring to provide an allergy free and dust mite resistant environment, helping to keep the air clearer and cleaner and making breathing easier at night.

Layer up

It is always better to sleep in a cooler temperature rather than one that is too warm, balancing your body temperature for a restful night's sleep.  If you have a basic light weight duvet on your bed, adding a throw could be just what you need if it feels a little too cool.  Bedrooms that are too hot or too cold will result in more restless body movements and less REM sleep (that dream sleep that is essential for learning and memory).

Block out the light

Many of us will sleep more soundly in a darkened room but this should not be at the cost of fresh air in the bedroom.  Make an effort to achieve this balance.  I am fortunate in that the street lamp outside my bedroom window is programmed to turn off between the hours of midnight and 5.30 am (in the interests of saving energy while being less disturbing to wildlife), meaning I don't have to worry about covering up my open window with drawn drapes or blinds.

Keeping your space tidy

A cluttered environment in your bedroom and elsewhere can disturb the mind even after your eyes are closed.  Make sure you have sufficient storage space to keep everything tidy and in its own place, taking five minutes every evening to have a quick tidy up before bedtime.

H-Sleep Aid Formula 

Get ready for bed by adding a few drops of H-Sleep Aid Formula.  This is a natural product with homeopathic ingredients carefully selected to ensure that symptoms of sleeplessness are tackled gently and safely.  Just massage one or two drops on temples and back of neck thirty minutes before bedtime. If you wake up during the night, you may reapply.



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