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  • Allergy Season may be Getting Longer

    Springtime means a new season with lovely flowers, new green leaves and blossom to be enjoyed by many.  But others who are prone to hay fever can really suffer during the pollen season.
  • Artificial Lawns and Their Long Term Effects

    You might think that your artificial lawn is helping your garden or back yard to look green and lush.

    But think again...

    Many such gardens are not actually green and can be very damaging for the urban environment.

  • Morning Has Broken, Bringing Life-Giving Light

    I have always loved the song "morning has broken" by Cat Stevens which first made an appearance in the 1970s...

    Morning has broken like the first morning
    Blackbird has spoken like the first bird
    Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
    Praise for them springing fresh from the world

    And of course the life-giving light it brings is always very welcome.

  • Did You Know That Some House Plants Can Help To Prevent Mold?

    We have written before on how different types of houseplants can improve the quality of your indoor air.

    But in a similar way, there are also houseplants that can help prevent mold.

    Find out more...

  • How to Avoid Air Pollution in Your Home

    We have written about the problems of pollution in the home before and how indoor plants can be one solution. 

    We should be doing everything we can to reduce our exposure to poor air quality both in our homes and outdoors too.

    We share some solutions for this problem...

  • Tips For Dark Circles and Dark Spots

    Dark spots or age spots can start to appear as we get older, particularly over the age of fifty, with the appearance of small, flat dark areas on the skin.  Younger people can also develop these age spots if they spend a lot of time in the sun.

    Dark circles under the eyes are a common cosmetic concern that can make you look tired, unhealthy, and older than your actual age. 

    Find out more about dark spots on your face and dark circles under your eyes

  • How Our Dryers Affect Our Environment

    A recent study published in the journal PLUS ONE has found that dryers are providing a significant source of plastic pollution.  This has previously been overlooked or ignored.  

    dryers have been found to spray thousands of tiny plastic clothing fragments over distances of up to twenty seven feet every time they are used.

    So is there anything we can do to rectify this situation?

  • Gardening is the Perfect Natural Remedy for Anxiety and Much More

    Although it is always more pleasant to garden in warmer weather, don't let the colder times put you off - it is not about how cold it is, but more about wearing the right clothing!

    It's clear that gardening for mental health is more than a passing trend. Here in the UK, doctors are even prescribing gardening for that very reason, helping those with mental health problems escape from the pressures and stress of everyday life.

    We share all the many benefits from regular gardening.

  • Why You Should be Wary of Using Wheat Bags for Warmth

    In these times of energy prices rising, we are all looking for ways to save money while keeping warm whatever the weather.

    One such way is to use wheat bags which can provide warmth, relief and comfort when used properly BUT, as with any product involving heat, there is a danger of fire and a risk of injury if care is not taken.  

    We share tips to how to use a wheat bag safely

  • Duvets and Pillows Need Cleaning Attention too!

    Most of us will wash out sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers very regularly but what about those actual pillows and duvets?  Do we give them as much thought and attention?

    We should actually be washing those items of bedding more frequently than we do to keep them fresh - and free from dust mites.

  • Christmas and is a REAL Tree the Way to Go?

    Although it may seem easier and more convenient to go for an artificial tree when planning your Christmas decorations, you might like to consider a real tree this year!

    A fake Christmas tree will never provide the beautiful fresh scent of pine!

    If you do decide to go for a REAL tree, we share top tips on how to look after it.

  • How Environmentally Friendly is Your Bathroom?

    You may not have given much thought to what is going on in your bathroom, thinking it is just serving its purpose in keeping you and your family clean and hygienic in their daily living habits.

    However, at the same time it is possible to ensure that how you use and what you use could be changed to put you and your bathroom on a more environmentally friendly path.