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  • These Sleep Disorders Can Occur with Aging

    There are so many reasons why we all need a good night's sleep - whatever our age.

    However, in older adults, ongoing sleep disorders can lead to much bigger problems such as irritability, low energy and an increased risk of falling...

  • Is This New Way to De-Clutter a Useful Tool?

    We are frequently urged to de-clutter with a variety of suggestions but now a new technique known as Swedish Death Cleaning is gaining popularity, helping you to look at your stuff and declutter.

    It could just give you that added impetus to go for "less stuff, more happiness".

  • Don't Let your Brain Just Drain Away

    Do you spend a lot of time in front of a screen, keeping up with your workload?

    Do you feel totally exhausted by the end of your working day?

    Does this mean that you feel you should do nothing more after work except curl up on the sofa before you go to bed?

    Answering "yes" to these questions could mean that "brain drain" is slowing you down and leading to fatigue.

  • How Soundly You Sleep Could Lower Your Stroke Risk

    A recent study has come to the conclusion that those people who enjoy a good night's sleep are less likely to suffer from a stroke.

    They researchers point out that the worrying factor is that some nine out of ten people do not usually get such a good night's sleep.

  • Fruit and Vegetables Don't Have to be the Perfect Shape

    With food shortages and an increasing cost of living crisis hitting many parts of the world, it becomes more important than ever that every bit of food is put to good use.
  • Top Tips to Help you Become a Cat Whisperer!

    If you have a cat as a pet, you will be familiar with a lot of their habits - but you might not know what is behind their actions. 

    Some can be really strange! 

    Others may just make PURRfect sense!

  • Is it Time for more Thyme in your Life?

    Everyone should have some thyme growing in their garden - one of the easiest of plants to grow and it keeps on giving back to you with its herbal fragrance and so many other benefits and uses.
  • Top Ten Tips on How to Brighten Your Day!

    With so many concerns in our everyday world today, we have to find ways to bring more joy and happiness in our lives.

    Find out more about how you can do this with our top ten tips!

  • Nature and the Link with Reducing Risk of Dementia

    We constantly read about the importance of being out in nature for our wellbeing.

    Now a new benefit is being written about - namely that living near or among trees and grass has such a rejuvenating effect that it can delay that mental decline that can occur in middle age and potentially reduce the risk of dementia in later life.

  • How Green is Your Garden?

    Green gardening is very on trend...

    With all the changes as to how gardeners have started to think about the environment, climate change and how they can play their part, the subject of green gardening is overdue.

    We share some tips on how to become more eco-friendly in your garden or back yard

  • Diatomaceous Earth has so Many Uses

    If you have not come across diatomaceous earth before, you might want to know what it is.

    Diatomaceous earth, DE for short, is a porous, ground dust made from the fossilized remains of algae-like organisms called diatoms.  

    And we share all the various uses...

  • Who Would have Thought that the Very Hungry Caterpillar Could Cause Environmental Issues

    Many of us have read and enjoyed the "Very Hungry Caterpillar" books to our children or our grandchildren but now scientists have found a new role for these creatures...