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The Danger of Developing Hemorrhoids when Lifting Heavy Objects

Why is it important how you go about lifting heavy objects?

It is very important to lift heavy objects in a safe manner otherwise you could be putting your back, shoulders, knees and other joints at risk of injury plus you could end up with hemorrhoids. 

Here are top ten tips to help you lift safely

1. Lifting can be taxing on your muscles and joints.  Make sure you warm up before starting to lift.  This warm up session should include movements and positions that will be used while lifting.  Examples include: lifting your arms up to the ceiling, twisting your torso both ways, squatting down while keeping your back straight and in addition performing a few deep side lunges to improve the mobility in your hips.

2.  Try to position your body as close to the object you are lifting as possible and then put your feet in a wide stance (a bit wider then shoulder width) in order to improve your balance and stability, allowing you to develop more power in your legs while you lift.

3. Try to keep your back straight when you are lowering and while you are lifting the object. It is better to bend your knees and hips so that you do not strain your back or injure your disc. 

4. Try not to twist your spine as you are lifting. Try to center your body with the object and once you have lifted it you may turn your body by taking steps with your legs. Twisting, while your back is flexed and with load can be hard on your discs and lead to injury.

5. In addition to the point above, think about what you are lifting and how far you will be carrying the object. Try to set yourself up in such a way that will limit the distance that you will have to move the object. Clear the pathway in advance and plan as much as possible.

6. If it is possible, try to reduce the weight of the object by breaking it apart into smaller items. This will allow you to do several smaller and lighter lifts instead of one unsafe lift. In addition, this strategy will enable you to pace yourself and take rest breaks in between each lift.

7. Try to carry the load in the space between your shoulder and waist to reduce strain on your low back while trying to get a good grip of the load. If possible, hug the load tightly and close to your upper abdomen instead of gripping the load with your fingers or hands.

8. If you feel pain while lifting, lower the object slowly and stop immediately. Ask for help before continuing. Pain is a signal from your central nervous system warning you when there is harm being imposed on your body. Take this type of sign seriously.

9. Do not hold your breath because that can increase intra-abdominal pressure and increase the potential for injury. Breathe out as you lift the object up off the ground and continue to breath normally as you move the object to the desired location.

10. Always use tools that will aid in lifting and transporting heavy objects such as a dolly, a cart and/or a hand truck if they are available to you.


Why lifting heavy weights can lead to hemorrhoids

If your daily exercise routines involve lifting of weights, then you could be prone to getting hemorrhoids.  This is because the lifting of heavy weights increases blood pressure of the person doing exercise. This increased blood pressure in turn will be transferred to the veins and lead to hemorrhoids.

You can find out all about hemorrhoids, their symptoms, their causes and what to do about them in our earlier post here.

How to treat hemorrhoids naturally

H-Hemorrhoids Formula can be applied topically to both external and internal hemorrhoids to help provide fast pain relief as well as shrinking the hemorrhoids by reducing swelling.

In addition, H-Bl Hemorrhoids Formula is an anti-inflammatory formula for the symptoms of hemorrhoids with minor bleeding. This formula is also used to calm the pain and reduce swelling quickly with a very gentle and soothing action.  It should be used for even the occasional bleeding.  Once any bleeding symptoms are under control, you can then switch to H-Hemorrhoids Formula to complete the treatment.












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