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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Health



Paramount to improving your health is boosting your immune system. If you have to treat a medical condition, use natural remedies such as essential oils as your health modality, as these work by improving your immune system.

Completely opposite, drugs work by depressing your immune system.


Those top 10 ways...

1. Removing toxins is a good way to start on your journey for improved health and of course if it can be done the natural way so much the better. Bathing frequently gets overlooked as a natural way to relieve the toxic load and yet it is essential when done properly. If you think you may have a toxic build up in the body, look out for the signs which could be fatigue, illness, constipation, gas, skin problems, nausea, PMS, depression or poor circulation. The use of herbs is a wonderful way to help the detox process along, helping to restore your body to a state of balance and health by purifying the blood so that you end up with more energy, clearer skin and a body that functions optimally.

2. Drink when you're thirsty. Drink mainly filtered water. Mild dehydration can be the cause of many ailments, including high blood pressure as well as headaches and migraines. Too much coffee can act as a diuretic and even increase dehydration.

3. Once you have detoxed, try to steer clear of toxins in your home, your garden, your workplace and your general environment in every way possible.

4. Checking out your diet. You could be allergic to different food products such as gluten, dairy and others. Always avoid sugars, artificial colorings, flavorings and sweeteners as well as all processed foods which will do your health no favors.

5. Once you know what you can safely eat, change to a natural diet that includes nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber by adding extra vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains into your diet each day. Make sure your diet is rich in quality raw foods, which are living foods, full of enzymes, easy to digest and are quickly converted to available energy. Shop for locally grown fruits and vegetables. While it is best to look for and buy organic, nevertheless local and fresh should be chosen over organic and wilted. In particular, those fruit and vegetables with a thick skin are not so sensitive to pesticides, such as thin-skinned fruits and vegetables.

6. Sleep should be one of your top priorities as too many people think of sleep as something that can be sacrificed in favor of everything else. Not so as good quality sleep, exercise and diet are the 3 main components that keep your body running smoothly and your immune system strong so please ensure you get good quality and sufficient sleep that allows you to wake up energized to stay strong throughout the day.

7. The sun is essential to all life. Ensure you are exposed to it minus the often toxic sun screen. Without sun, you can easily suffer with vitamin D deficiency. I hardly need to mention the need for exercise when looking to improve your health but try to exercise outside to maximize your sunlight exposure and gain the benefit of plenty of fresh air.

8. Avoid stress because there are so many consequences - weight gain, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression just to name a few. Look for ways to limit your stress levels such as walking, meditating, massage therapy or any other stress-relief method you feel works best for you. One way is to find some time to get away from all your gadgets and communications devices for at least half an hour every day and just relax – with no cheating!

9. We often forget the importance of posture and I am guilty of this. Adopting a straighter posture is not easy especially if you have got into bad habits. Nevertheless,standing and sitting straighter can have some surprising health benefits - strengthening your muscles and back, improving your metabolism and circulation and perhaps best of all putting you into a better mood. An easy way to check your posture is to turn your hands palm up as often as possible. You will notice an immediate improvement. Please try it and tell me if it works for you!

10. Often it is only when you have had a scare with your own eyesight that you realize how important it is. Treat your eyes right and they'll work for you well into old age. You can improve the health of your eyes and help prevent diseases such as macular degeneration by including specific foods and nutrients in your diet such as carrots, grape seed, cod liver oil, blueberries and green tea for optimum eye health.


And there is one more...

One aspect of improving your immune system that you might not realize is the importance of deep breathing – in fact it helps to normalize blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improve circulation, decrease or eliminated pain, reduce inflammation, increase mental well-being, decrease or eliminate depression and anxiety, reduce wrinkles and give the skin and eyes a clear radiance, fight bacteria, viruses and parasites, remove toxins and gases from the body, increase energy and improve digestion and elimination.

Wow! Why are we not doing deep breathing exercises several times a day when there are such health benefits to be had.  



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