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Top Ten Tips on How to Get Fitter Without Too Much Effort!

If you find that you are always being persuaded to do lots of exercise to get fit, then turn the tables on those who are making you feel guilty and instead, follow these suggestions on how to get fitter but without too much effort.  They may just be the solution you are looking for!

Spinal stretches

Start every day with a spinal stretch where the main movements of the spine are forward folding (flexion), back bending (extension), side bending (lateral flexion) and rotation.  If you start each day with a gentle flow through each of these movements, it is a great way to increase mobility and flexibility.

Staying hydrated

One of the easiest ways to up your fitness levels is to stay hydrated.  Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps you to maintain a healthy metabolism which in turn can help your body to convert food into energy.

Ditching supermarket carts

When you are next shopping at your local store or supermarket, see if you can avoid using a cart and instead take a basket.  As the basket gets heavier, it will be helping you to use your upper body strength to cope with the weight, working your muscles in your biceps, shoulders and core.  Get fitter without even realizing it!  If you are carrying the basking on one side, change arms regularly so you are working both sides of your body equally. 

Another suggestion is to carry your bagged shopping to your car without using a cart.

Rocking and rolling

How about joining a dance class especially if it is one that is a bit different such as salsa or hip hop.  As well as being a fun way to stay active, it also improves coordination, flexibility and mood. 

Even easier, is just dancing round the kitchen to whatever music is playing on the radio - the louder and faster the better!

And then another suggestion is to play your favorite music while you are cleaning so that any chores actually become another excuse for dancing, helping you to have fun, burn extra calories and speed up those household tasks too!

    Eating and moving

    When you have finished a meal, don't just plonk yourself down and take it easy.  If you can take a ten minute walk immediately after eating, this will improve your mood, allow for smoother digestion, steadier blood sugar, increase your circulation and even help in weight loss.

    Another suggestion is to simply stand and shift your weight from foot to foot for several minutes. 

    Just one minute

    If you just choose one exercise and then do it every day for one minute which should not be too difficult - and it will make you stronger and re-energize you.  Suggestions include "the plank", push-ups or sit-ups.


        Just breathe

        You can choose from several different breathing exercises such deep inhales and exhales to be done whenever you a minute to spare. 

        Deep breathing where you take the breath deep into lungs and allow the lower belly to rise, promoting a full oxygen exchange from carbon dioxide. this process can slow our heart rate, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and promote overall health and well being.

          If you are doing any form of exercise, it is good practice to breathe deeply and rhythmically in time with the movement.

        Experiment with balance

        If you can incorporate balance exercises into your daily routing such as standing one one leg while brushing your teeth or balancing on a stability ball while watching television, such activities will engage your core muscles and improve your stability.


        Non-exercise for actual exercise

        A standing desk or balance board in your work station will make your environment more active with such set ups encouraging movement throughout the day while boosting productivity and creativity - and you will not even know you are exercising!

        Not every day

        It become tedious and very time consuming if you think that you have to exercise every day - unless it is just for one minute!  Instead, two or three times a week will do a good job!



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