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Want to Live Longer? A Good Night's Sleep Could Help You to Achieve this


The emphasis more than ever is on the importance of getting a good night's sleep.

Recent research has found that such regular good sleeping pattens can result in men living almost five years longer - and women more than two years longer - than those men and women who sleep badly. 

More about the research

The researchers used data from over one hundred and seventy thousand people with an average age of fifty - and a ratio of fifty four percent women and forty six percent men.  The data was from a National Health Interview Survey looking at the health of the US population and included questions about sleep habits.

The Study found that, compared with those who had zero to one favorable sleep factors, those who had all five (see below) were thirty percent less likely to die for any reason with twenty one percent less likely to die from cardiovascular disease, nineteen percent less likely to die from cancer and forty percent less likely to die of causes other than heart disease or cancer.

What were five favorable sleep factors?

  • Going to bed at the same time each night and getting up at the same time each morning, even on weekends.
  • Making sure your bedroom is cool, dark and quiet.
  • Keeping electronic devices out of the bedroom, including TVs, computers and smartphones.
  • Avoiding large meals, caffeine and alcohol shortly before bedtime.
  • Exercising regularly, which can help you fall asleep more easily at night

Sleeping well can play a role in supporting heart and overall health and may even impact how long you live...

There can also be a reduced asthma risk when you sleep well

This is particularly true when you have a healthy sleep pattern.

A healthy sleep pattern was defined as being more of a morning person:

  • Sleeping for seven to nine hours a night.
  • Never having insomnia or suffering from this rarely.
  • Not prone to snoring.
  • Not subject to frequently feeling sleepy during the day.

Researchers found that a healthy sleep pattern decreased the risk of asthma by:

  • Forty four percent in those at low genetic risk.
  • Forty one percent in those  at intermediate risk.
  • Thirty seven percent in those with high genetic risk.

Researchers concluded that unhealthy sleep patterns and sleep traits were significantly associated with the risk of asthma in adults.  

They added that "A healthier sleep pattern could be beneficial in asthma prevention regardless of genetic conditions."

Are you getting enough sleep? 


And here is our solution for ensuring a good night's sleep

Add a few drops of our own H-Sleep Aid Formula either to your warm and soothing bedtime bath or to the back of the neck before settling down.

This is a natural sleep remedy for mild to chronic sleeplessness. 



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