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6 Reminders On How To Live A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle | Amoils com.

  blog - eco lifestyle Most of us today try to live as friendly an eco and chemical-free lifestyle as possible but even with the best intentions, we can slip back into wasteful and less green habits.

We might need a gentle reminder from time to time

1. Labeling – always read the list of ingredients on the product you are going to buy and to save time, learn which products and brands you can trust so that you can save time by not having to check the labels every time. 2. Laundry and cleaning products – as well as polluting the waste water, chemicals in laundry products leave a residue on our clothing which can cause skin rashes which can be quite severe in those suffering from skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis as well as allergies. Check for eco friendly brands whose labeling clearly states that they do not use harsh chemicals. At the same time cleaning products can also be very detrimental to our health and half the time, plain warm water will do the cleaning job anyway. Make sure all members of the family are kept chemical-free by choosing green friendly products for all the different areas of housekeeping. I use a jumbo size bottle of green and non toxic general cleaner which I decant into smaller spray bottles of different strength for all my cleaning jobs. Vinegar can also be used very effectively as a household cleaner. 3. Skin products – while on the subject of our skin, we sometimes need to be reminded not to put anything on our skin that we would not eat. And to be honest there are many processed and convenience foods in the market place that we should not be eating either. So choose the safer, more natural aisle in your supermarket, or go online, to find your moisturizers make-up, shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes, soaps and other skin products including those for men and, most important of all, for children. 4. Recycling – most households are now trained to use the recycling bin provided so it has become second nature but we might still be lax about taking re-usable shopping bags every time we go to the supermarket. If we could all change this habit, it would cut down on those millions of plastic bags handed out every year. Some countries have changed to charging for the bags and this has made a big difference as people think twice about taking plastic bags when they have to pay for them. 5. Compost – if you have the smallest space available in your back yard, please think seriously about installing a compost bin to take all that kitchen waste. You can safely add all organic matter including wet newspapers and egg cartons but of course never place any actual food into the compost bin. Over time, everything will rot down and decompose into a wonderful “black gold” full of nutrients which you can add to your garden a couple of times a year. Mine works so well that I want to get a second one. What with recycling and composting, I now have very little actual garbage for the dedicated garbage bin. Many keen gardeners have gone one step further and installed a worm farm. 6. Healing nature – think twice before rushing to the pharmacy or store for an over-the-counter medication or prescription drug. Naturopaths believe that nature has a cure for everything and that we should take advantage of nature's bounty by choosing plant based products when we have something wrong with us or a condition that we need to treat.