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7 Helpful Ways To Avoid Health Problems After A Meal | Amoils.com

 width=There are some tips you might find helpful to remember, about what not to do straight after a meal, in order to get the maximum benefit from the nutrients and vitamins in your meal and to just be healthier all round. 1. If you are a smoker, be aware that having a cigarette straight after your meal increases the dangers from that cigarette ten fold. The natural bodily absorption rate following a meal is heightened, magnifying the ill-effects of tobacco (nicotine) on your system. Of course, much better still is to give up smoking entirely! 2. If you want to have fresh fruit with your meal, it is better to eat it at the start of the meal rather than the end or wait an hour or two after the meal. Fruit is digested much more quickly than the rest of your food and could lead to a bloated stomach, if eaten after the rest of your food, in some people. There are also those who have intolerance to fruits (fructose intolerance) and they will be much more likely to have the sense of bloating after eating fruit. 3. Don't be tempted to loosen or undo your belt after your meal because it means you have eaten too much. If you do not loosen your belt, you will remain more conscious that your stomach is full enough, so you do not overeat. The normal tightness of the belt provides you with a natural "suck-in-the-abdomen technique" of controlling your waistline. 4. Avoid having a bath straight after your meal. The reason for this is because of an increase in blood flow to your legs, hands and body leaving less blood around the stomach itself which may weaken your digestive system. 5. Even if you feel you should have some exercise after your meal, sit and chat and digest properly before you get up and engage in strenuous physical and mental activities because this may prevent the digestive system from fully absorbing the nutrients from the food you have just eaten. Gentle walking is absolutely fine. 6. Wait for some 30 minutes or so before cleaning your teeth after a meal. This is because fruits, (particularly orange or lemon juice), vinegar, sport drinks and soft drinks, all have a very high level of acidity in them so they can soften the enamel of your teeth. Brushing your teeth too soon can damage the softened enamel. Waiting allows your mouth time to produce enough saliva to neutralize the acidity, helping your teeth to harden and absorb more calcium, which then acts like a coat of armour. 7. Finally, a meal should not immediately precede your bedtime. Allow some time to elapse before you prepare for sleep, giving your digestive system the chance to do its job properly. It is not healthy to sleep with a full stomach as gastric distension can lead to some heart irregularity in some people. Also, habitually sleeping immediately after a meal can increase the likelihood of obesity. A clever tip to follow before a meal is to drink a glass or two of water to distend the stomach and trick the brain into thinking you are less hungry than you are. A good dieting strategy