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Are you Vacuuming the Floors in your Home the Right Way?


We all have floors in our homes to keep clean and most of us will use a vacuum cleaner to do the job, whether we are dealing with carpets, tiles, wood or some other surface.

But are we doing the cleaning in the most effective way?

We share some tops tips to save time AND to clean better... 

Adjust the height

One function that you might not be making the most use of is the fact that you can adjust the height of your vacuum attachment.

Because carpets are typically taller than your typical hard surface, it's critical that you adjust the vacuum attachment's height for the area you're cleaning.

You may find that your own vacuum does this automatically but if not, take the time to make the adjustment as it will make a huge difference in the cleanliness of your home's different surfaces.

Vacuum in the same pattern

Vacuuming your floors or carpets in any direction you like will not get them as clean as they could be.

Instead, you should be keeping to a certain pattern.  There are two parts to this advice.

  1. First, make sure to vacuum in one particular direction back-and-forth, moving across from one side of the room to the other
  2. Once that's complete, turn 90 degrees and use the same approach.
This means that the vacuum's suction power will pick up dirt on all four sides of the carpet fibres.

Vacuum surfaces more than once

We know that we said these tips would save you time but that is because you are doing a much more thorough job, you will not have to vacuum as often.  If you want your carpets to be pristine, you should give them a second turn.  

Empty it after every couple of uses

Whatever type of bag or receptacle your vacuum has or even if it is bag-less, making sure to empty it regularly will improve the efficiency of your machine and you won't be confronted with an overflowing machine.

Make sure you go slowly

Take your time when vacuuming, as this allows your machine to clean more effectively.  If you are too hasty, lots of dirt and dust can get left behind.

And once you are satisfied with your now efficient form of cleaning the floors in your home, there is another question to answer!

Have you considered a robot vacuum cleaner?

This type of cleaner moves through the length and breath of your floors carrying out its cleaning assignment without human intervention, moving  around table legs and corners of wherever it is vacuuming.

It works with the aid of a computer system that lets the cleaner be conscious of its own special surroundings, in order not to hit furniture and other important household items.  Each model will come with different features.  For example there is the multi-floor mop robotic vacuum cleaner designed for dual purpose as well as mopping floors.  It will happily move from carpet to any other type of floor surface.  You can even ensure it goes over heavy duty areas twice.  Another robot is made specially made for homes with pets which pays special attention to pet hair. 

We have one in our own home and find it easy to use and very efficient.  Be aware that the robot does not go up and down stairs!  You will need a regular vacuum cleaner to do that job as well as for cleaning upholstery and getting rid of cobwebs etc.



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