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You CAN Get Back To Sleep Again With These Natural Remedies

 width= It is a well known phenomenon that men find it easier to fall asleep - and to stay asleep - than women do. And the difference becomes more marked as we grow older. We also know that sleep is vital to allow the body to rest and get ready for the next day. Sleep also helps us to recover from illnesses and deal with mental health, stress and problem solving.

Why do men sleep more easily than women?

Research is ongoing so we don't have many answers yet. However, we do know that women suffer from insomnia at two to three times the rate that men do. Men, on the other hand, are twice as likely to have their slumber spoiled by sleep apnea, a chronic condition characterized by brief episodes of restricted breathing but this condition is not nearly as common as insomnia itself.

Here is one simple natural remedy

  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon of raw honey (make sure it’s unprocessed)
  • 1/8 teaspoon sea salt
Mix the coconut oil and raw honey together in a small dish and sprinkle some sea salt on it.
Swallow a good spoonful at bedtime with a drink of water. Should you wake up during the night, repeat.
Those three components of (a) fat from the coconut oil (b) sugar from the honey and (c) the salt work together to help sustain your body throughout the night while reducing the impact of "spikes" in stress hormones or cortisol. These can often be the cause of waking during those very early hours of the morning.

How the three ingredients work for insomnia

  1. Fat in coconut oil is beneficial at bedtime, giving you the right sort of energy throughout the night and providing you with those nutrients that allow the body to manufacture optimal amounts of sleep hormones. Look for organic coconut oil from your local store.
  2. The raw honey ensures an adequate amount of storage of liver glycogen for your brain, needed during sleep. If you don't get enough, your adrenal glands pump out more of the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol which can lead to disturbed sleep. Raw honey is honey in its original state as it is taken from the honey comb. When shopping, look for a label that says “100% raw honey”. There is a company online that ships “really raw honey” all over the US.
  3. The natural sea salt also helps to lower the stress hormones while assisting in energy production so that it can be sustained throughout the night. Having sufficient sodium in the bloodstream means your stress response is reduced and again, your body won’t need to pump out as much adrenaline or cortisol. Salt also helps your body stay in a homeostatic state to avoid waking during the wee small hours. When buying salt, look for natural salt such as Celtic.

As an extra insurance

Add a few drops of our own H-Sleep Aid Formula either to your warm soothing bedtime bath or to the back of the neck before settling down. This is another natural sleep remedy for mild to chronic sleeplessness.  width=