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Discover the Secrets for Clear Skin


When you decide to use natural skin care products, you will be avoiding any artificial chemicals or synthetic ingredients - and you may be interested to learn that the natural skin care industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in beauty products.

When you use natural skin care products, your skin will benefit whatever type it is - oily, dry, combination, sensitive or even acne-prone skin. 

But when you use regular commercial products, they can include harsh ingredients such as fragrances which can irritate all types of skin.

Daily routine for skin care using natural products

We set out below the ideal natural skin care routine (whatever your age) but remembering that during your thirties, as your hormone levels start to decrease, the rate of collagen and elastin production goes down. 

In the morning

1. Cleansing - this first step should occur every morning and evening. Gently apply a cleanser to your face in circular motions. Rinse and pat dry.  Our suggestion is Simply Cleansing Oil.

2. Exfoliating - this is not a daily task but use about once a week to remove any dead skin cells without causing irritation.  Gently apply for thirty seconds before removing with lukewarm water.  See our recipe for a homemade natural exfoliator at the foot of this post.

3. Toning - this can help to tighten pores, eliminate impurities and rebalance your skin.  Again, see our recipe for a homemade natural toner at foot of this post.

4. Moisturizing - our Simply Face Oil will help to hydrate and protect the skin's natural barrier.


At night before bedtime 

1.  Cleansing - this is even more important at night because of course you will be removing any makeup plus the grime of the day.  Simply Cleansing Oil.  This fresh smelling gentle Formula acts as an emulsifier with the skin's natural sebum and gently unclogs the pores, lifting grime and imbedded impurities without stripping the skin's natural oils.  The pure natural ingredients will help to clean, tighten and tone the skin.

2.  Moisturizing and nourishing - our Simply Vitamin Skin Oil with its one of a kind nutritional blend of oils to feed the delicate skin on your face is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and Omega fatty acids for the balance and nourishment of your skin. 

3.  Simply Eye serum - the skin around your eyes is the most sensitive part of your face and one of the first areas to develop wrinkles.  Our serum promotes clear and lustrous skin around the eyes while targeting dark circles and those bags under the eyes.  Made from from all natural ingredients which help to tighten and tone the delicate skin around the eyes. 


4.  Simply Neck Oil -  this unique Formula helps tone and tighten the skin as well as increase the appearance of the skin's overall elasticity. It nourishes and hydrates the skin to help minimize developing lines, wrinkles and turkey neck resulting in a smoother, softer neck line and décolletage



The term “cruelty-free” means that the finished product hasn’t been tested on animals. 

Some extra information about darker skin tones

A darker skin tone will contain more melanin which is the naturally occurring pigment that gives your skin and hair its color.   Unfortunately, there are a few conditions that can adversely affect skin which has more pigment.  These can include:

  • Acne
  • Acne keloidalis nuchae which appears as bumps on the back of your head or neck
  • Keloids which are raised scars on your skin
  • Vitiligo which causes a loss of skin pigment and may be more visible in darker skin tones
H-Acne Formula


    Take your time when carrying out your skin care

    If you can spend more time gently massaging your natural products into your skin, this will help to strengthen the muscles in your face while encouraging collagen production.

    In addition, always apply any product around the eye using your ring finger.  This third digit is weaker than the others, giving any application a lighter touch and reducing the risk of accidental tears on this naturally thin area of skin.

      How to make a natural face toner using tea leaves

      This toner isn’t only natural but also helps fight acne.


      • 1 tsp. peppermint tea leaves
      • 4 tsp. white tea leaves
      • 1/2 cup boiled distilled water
      • 2 drops of Lavender Oil


      • Combine all ingredients in a French press.
      • Let the mixture steep for ten minutes.
      • Pour into a glass container to cool.
      • Combine mixture with aloe vera until it fills a 4-oz. spray bottle.
      • Spritz on your face after cleansing, and store in the refrigerator.

      How to make a natural sugar face scrub or exfoliant

      This homemade exfoliant nourishes skin while helping to get rid of dead skin cells.


      • 1/2 cup brown sugar
      • 3 tbsp. honey
      • 2 tbsp. oil of your choice


      • Combine honey and brown sugar in a small bowl, and stir until it forms a thick paste.
      • Add the oil and mix well.
      • Spread the paste over clean skin.
      • Leave on for five to ten minutes.
      • Rinse with warm water.






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