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Got Moles on Your Skin?

H-Moles Formula


Moles are small, colored spots on the skin.  While most people have them, they are not usually anything to cause concern unless they change size, shape or color.

Signs of a harmless mole

  • Most harmless moles are round or oval-shaped, with a smooth edge.
  • They can be flat or raised and may feel smooth or rough.
  • Sometimes they have hair growing from them.
  • They are usually darker on brown and black skin. 

When moles are normal:

  • Babies born with moles.
  • New moles appearing – especially in children and teenagers.
  • Moles fading or disappearing as you get older.
  • Moles that get slightly darker during pregnancy.

When a mole could be a sign of something suspect

  • When they change color over time or have in excess of two colors.
  • When they have uneven edges.
  • When they may bleed, itch or be crusty or raised.
  • When there is a new or unusual mark on the skin and is still there after a few weeks.

If you are concerned, always get a checkup by a medical practitioner or dermatologist who will refer you to a specialist for special treatment.

H-Moles Formula

How to tackle moles when they are benign or harmless

  • The most common method is surgical removal which involves cutting out the mole followed by stitching the skin closed.
  • Another method is shaving.  This involves the practitioner using a scalpel to shave off the mole at skin level.
  • A third method is freezing, using liquid nitrogen to freeze the mole.

The method used will depend on the size, location and type of mole being removed.

There is a natural way

H-Moles Formula is a natural solution for unwanted moles on the face and body. After your moles have been checked by your doctor, the Formula can be used at home on your benign moles.

The process simply requires just a small amount of patience and daily applications, working without any pain or scars.  Full instructions come with the Formula but use a cotton swab or your finger to apply and it will start working immediately.  Only a few drops are necessary.

While you can expect to see results in a few weeks, some stubborn moles may take longer.  

H-Moles Formula





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