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Have You Checked Your Moles Recently?

Moles are small, colored spots on the skin. You need to know that most people have them and of course they're usually nothing to worry about unless they change size, shape or color.

So the good news is that most moles are harmless especially those that are round or oval shaped with a smooth edge.

Moles can be flat or raised and may feel smooth or rough while sometimes moles have hair growing from them.  Moles are usually darker on brown and black skin

More to know about moles

It's normal for:

  • babies to be born with moles
  • new moles to appear – especially in children and teenagers
  • moles to fade or disappear as you get older
  • moles to get slightly darker during pregnancy

H-Moles Formula - The Original Natural Solution

H-Moles Formula is a natural, gentle solution for moles that works painlessly without any harsh chemicals or additives.

H-Moles Formula

When you need to know about suspect moles

Some moles can be a sign of melanoma which is a type of skin cancer.

The signs of suspect moles include: 

  • A mole that has changed color or has more than two colors
  • A mole with uneven borders
  • A mole that's bleeding, itching, crusting or raised

You should go and have any new or existing mole checked by your doctor or dermatologist (who will refer you to a specialist if necessary) if you observe a change in as follows: 

  • A mole changes shape or looks uneven
  • A mole changes color, gets darker or has more than 2 colors
  • A mole starts itching, crusting, flaking or bleeding
  • A mole gets larger or more raised from the skin

You should be aware that these changes can happen over weeks or months.

Optimizing your vitamin D levels through proper sun exposure, helps to reduce the risk of skin cancer. The very best source of vitamin D is exposure to the sun because when you expose your skin to sunshine, your skin synthesizes vitamin D3 sulfate. This form of vitamin D is water-soluble and can travel freely in your bloodstream, unlike oral vitamin D3 supplements. However, vitamin D3 supplementation is a useful back up in times of cold winter weather and as a top up if you have been found to be vitamin D deficient.

What to do about harmless moles

H-Moles Formula is the safe and gentle way...

It is the natural solution for unwanted moles on the face and body.  After your moles have been checked by your doctor, our formula can be used at home on your benign moles. The process simply requires just a small amount of patience and daily applications.  H-Moles Formula works without any pain or scars.

 H-Moles Formula