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How to Avoid Air Pollution in Your Home


We have written about the problems of pollution in the home before and how indoor plants can be one solution.

There are so many reasons why the quality of the air in your home could be poor including traffic fumes coming indoors from a busy highway close by, the presence of mold, the use of scented candles and other artificial fragrances, stir-frying, using an aerosol cleaner and many more.

Comprehensive research into the effects of air pollution on adolescents found that prolonged exposure can significantly increase their risk of developing high blood pressure in later life.  Obese youngsters are said to be particularly vulnerable.  Professor Harding of King’s College, London, and the lead in this research commented: “Reducing air pollution is an urgent health priority to protect our children’s health and futures.”

We should be doing everything we can to reduce our exposure to poor air quality both in our homes and outdoors too.

The golden rule before anything else is to ventilate, ventilate, ventilate.


But another more recent solution is the use of an actual "air purifying unit"

Of course those with allergies and asthma can benefit from better air quality at home while extensive studies have shown that improving indoor air quality – which can often be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air – can help both your sleep and skin and you’ll feel the results instantly.

In addition, evidence from UNICEF suggests that children – particularly in the first few months – need clean indoor air for optimum brain and lung development.  

Air purifiers today are  built with domestic settings in mind and designed to be easy to use and control. The best models are also discreet enough to sit in the corner of your room (whether living area or bedroom) without causing disruption. 

If you go online, you will find plenty of models to choose from and even sites where they have been tested to give you those with the best results - ones which have been found to improve the air quality within minutes.  It is important when testing that this is carried out in a domestic house setting and not in a controlled laboratory, giving insight into which models were most effective in removing particulate matter in a real home.

Of course, air purifiers come in all sizes and all price ranges so there is definitely one to suit your requirements and your budget.

Apart from getting rid of the causes of air pollution in your home, there is another remedy you might like to try...



Fend, everyday airway hygiene

This is a natural mist solution that cleans the air you breathe to help keep you healthy.  Our airways need cleaning just like any other part of our bodies exposed to the environment.

By strengthening your upper airways' natural ability to clean the air you breathe, we understand that FEND helps to prevent dirty air from traveling deep into your lungs or back into the environment.

FEND uses hydrating salts of precise droplet size to reach further than traditional saline sprays, instantly rehydrating your sinuses and upper airways to unlock clean breathing for up to 6 hours.  The manufacturers tell us that it is safe, natural, and drug-free.

How do you use FEND?

Ideally, using every six hours, simply take a deep breath of FEND in through the nose. Just like washing hands or brushing your teeth, FEND works best as a daily habit.  This airway mist goes further than nasal sprays.

Another plus is that the product was designed to go wherever you do whether on a flight, to the office or to visit loved ones. Breathe easy no matter where you are. 

The meaning of the word "fend" is to look after and provide for oneself, without any help from others...



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