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Our Lips Deserve this Special Tender Loving Care




When carrying out our daily beauty routine, we might be forgetting those all important lips.  It is so easy for them to become dehydrated and to lose that plump look.  We need to soothe and restore our lips while enhancing their volume and smoothing any appearance of fine lines to create fuller, healthier and younger looking lips.

We share some tips to get rid of any bad habits that could be aging our lips before their time while helping to ensure beautiful and healthy lips now...

Top tips for lips! 

1. Stop the smoking

The habit of smoking will lead to dark lips as well as those lines spreading out above and below your lips.  No more nicotine can lead to lighter lips and less lines.  Using a homemade honey and lemon sugar scrub can help to remove dead and decaying lip skin cells.

2. Keep your lips chap-free

And that means keeping them moisturized.  You can use our Simply Face Oil to keep the skin of the lips soft while penetrating deep down.



3. Drink plenty of water

Water helps to keep the body hydrated which at the same time helps to keep your lips moisturized naturally, preventing them from getting dry or chapped.

4. Cut down on the caffeine

Drinking lots of tea and coffee can lead to our lips growing darker (in the same way as smoking can) so while some tea and coffee provide an antioxidant boost, too much and you risk staining your lips and your teeth.

5. Lessen sun exposure to the lips

The sun's rays can darken your lips too, meaning that although our bodies need regular sunlight (for approximately twenty minutes a day during the warmer months) to top up our vitamin D levels, it is best to shade our faces from the sun.

6. How about cosmetics?

The use of dark lipstick colors applied regularly over time can darken your lips too.  Instead use paler and more natural lip color, leaving dark lipsticks to just occasional use.

7. Use natural oils to remove lip and other makeup 

You can remove your makeup from your lips and elsewhere with our all natural Simply Cleansing Oil.



8. Avoid biting your lips 

This habit can make your lips more chapped and dehydrated.

9. Stick to a healthy diet

A healthy and nutrient-rich diet will help your lips to stay in good condition when it includes lots of fruits, fresh leafy vegetables and proteins. 

10. Stay away from chlorinated water 

Chlorinated water is yet another reason for lips becoming darker in color.  Use a  water purifier to get rid of the chlorine as much as possible.

11. Lighten lips with a natural substance

This can be done by applying cucumber juice or tomato juice to the lips as these are gentle to use even if they are chapped or cracked. 

12. Use a nude pencil as a makeup trick

If you have thin lips, you can use a makeup trick which can make your lips look fuller. Go for a nude or skin tone lip pencil and line your lips. Now use a normal lip color pencil and line outside this skin tone line to help make your lips appear fuller.

13. Use rose petals for soft pink lips

Add a little honey and milk to some crushed rose petals and apply this mixture for ten to fifteen minutes on your lips before wiping with a damp cotton swab and apply moisturizer to maintain the pinkish tint and softness of your lips.

Meanwhile, our Simply Vitamin Skin Oil is the perfect solution for caring for your lips with no additives, just pure oils to nourish.

Simply Vitamin Skin Oil...

  • for nutrition
  • for hydration
  • for softening
  • for plumping
  • for moisturizing
  • for anti-aging

Our lips are one of the most visible features about our body.  Our top tips for lips will help to retain that youthful pinkness and the softness of your lips forever.