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Summer Beauty In Less Than 15 Minutes

Healing Natural Oils

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, it is that time of the year again when we should all be ensuring our skin is looking at its best ready for the summer ahead!

And it does not have to take hours of time and effort...

If you only have five minutes to spare

Give your hair and your scalp a soothing and healing massage 

Treat your hair and scalp with Simply Hair Oil.  Brush your hair first before adding several drops of the oil spread evenly across your hair.  Then using your fingers, massage the oil into the hair and the scalp for several minutes. 

As well as giving your hair and your scalp a real treat, you will find this is a quick way to de-stress, helping to remove furrows and frowns from the face.  Unfortunately, stress can tighten the scalp muscles.  If you use deep, circular fingertip pressure, you will feel those scalp muscles loosen up while helping to restore a sense of well being.

Leave the oil in your hair as long as you like while you get on with any chores or overnight if you prefer.  Then shampoo and condition as you normally do.  You and your hair will notice the difference!


If you only have ten minutes to spare

Give your hardworking feet a makeover 

Fill a basin with warm water and a cup of Epsom salts and soak those feet for five minutes.  Then buff away or exfoliate any hard or dry skin on those feet.  Finally, give your feet a healing natural oils treat by using a few drops of Simply Body Oil and massaging it into your feet, not forgetting those heels and between the toes. 

For nail fungus, use our H-Nail Fungus Formula. For cracked heels, use H-Cracked Heels Formula


Fifteen minutes and you can achieve a full facial treatment

  • Firstly, give your skin a good cleanse with Simply Cleansing Oil, not forgetting around the eyes and the neck area.
  • Secondly, using just the lightest touch with your ring finger, add a few drops of Simply Eye Serum and very gently massage around the eyes.
  • Thirdly, using both hands and a few drops of Simply Neck Firming Oil, give your neck and décolletage a soothing treat to repair premature aging while offering elasticity to sagging neck cells and tissues.  At the same time, the blood circulation around the neck area will be increased.  The oil should be applied with stroking upward movements from the base of the neck to the chin - to defy the effects of gravity!
  • Lastly, nurture and nourish the whole of the rest of your face and lips by applying a generous amount of Skin Vitamin Oil  (just before bed) as a deep nourishing moisture treatment - and wake up to a luminous and glowing healthy skin!

If you still have a couple of minutes to spare from those precious fifteen, a final treatment could include jade rolling. A gentle facial massage with the roller can reduce wrinkles, exercise the facial muscles and revitalize elasticity of skin for a smoother, fresher, more youthful complexion.  Plus, the roller will aid the absorption of skincare beauty products into the skin - way better than your fingers can. Your skincare routine will be that much more effective!