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Health Blog

  • The Mattress For Your Baby & How Safe Is It?

    A couple of decades ago, new parents rarely gave much thought to the mattresses they provided for their babies and often these were passed down f...
  • The Three & Increasingly Serious Stages of Sepsis

    If sepsis is diagnosed, it is considered to be a medical emergency. The three stages of sepsis become ever more serious if a diagnosis is not reached in the early days of this condition.
  • Teething Egg - Does An Egg In An Old Sock Actually Work For Teething?

    Old Wives were renowned for all types of tales but probably the most were those for parents looking after their babies - especially when it comes to teething remedies. In fact, many natural teething remedies have been around for thousands of years.
  • Pregnancy & That Golden Hour After Birth

    In the rush to clean, weigh and measure and generally check the health of a newborn, the baby may be missing out on some important bonding and other benefits with mother.
  • Talcum Powder Can Be Hazardous But There Are Natural Alternatives

    Although all talcum powder is now asbestos -free, it does comes with other dangers. And even though it has become less fashionable, it is still available on the shelves of stores worldwide.
  • Why Are We Advised Not To Give Babies Honey?

    Wherever I looked – whether it was the mainstream media or alternative natural health sites - everyone was in agreement that you should not give your baby any honey before the age of one year, even if it was to treat a cough.
  • Pregnancy & New Evidence on the Many Benefits of Breastfeeding

    Sadly, there is a campaign in the media (including social media) of dividing new mothers into two camps – those who breast feed and those who don't. We don't want to add fuel to this. Instead, we just want to point out the advantages (as they arise) to those who choose to breastfeed and are able to do so. This is no reflection on those mothers-to-be who are unable to, or decide against, for whatever reason

  • Pregnancy & The Popular Ultrasound

    There will always be the attraction to have that peek into the womb - first, to know the sex of your baby and second, to share a few minutes of their pre-birth existence. It has no equal.
  • Eczema & Is There A Link To That Daily Bath?

    Skin conditions are on the rise and especially eczema. Some parents of children with eczema have made the connection between a nightly bath and the appearance of rough, itchy patches of skin on their bodies.
  • Breastfeeding Can Help To Prevent This Chronic Lifelong Condition

    Many articles are written about how good breastfeeding is for your baby (and for you). Perhaps too many are written, often making those who canno...
  • Eczema in Babies

    Environmental issues can play a huge role in worsening eczema symptoms. These can be ones that you have no control over such as extremes of weather – heat, dryness, cold, wind – or it can be ones toxins in the home such as cleaning products, artificial fragrances and many more.
  • Top 10 Tips for Treating with Witch Hazel

    The bark, leaves and twigs of witch hazel are all high in tannins, giving this plant its astringent properties to dry, tighten and harden tissues.