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  • How to Know if You Have Hives and How to Treat Them

    Hives are red, raised, and very itchy bumps that can form anywhere on the skin, including the scalp. Hives tend to come and go within a few hours but they may well come back again - and if they do come and go on for longer than 6 weeks, they’re called chronic (long-lasting) hives. 
  • Has Research Found a New Cause for Arthritis?

    Rheumatoid Arthritis is a common chronic disease affecting so many worldwide. 

    It causes joint pain swelling and inflammation, beginning at any age but more likely between the years thirty and fifty becoming most common among those in their seventies.

  • Misophonia is a Sensitivity to Sound Condition

    What is Misophonia? We tell you more about this relatively recently named condition and how it can be helped.
  • The Three & Increasingly Serious Stages of Sepsis

    If sepsis is diagnosed, it is considered to be a medical emergency. The three stages of sepsis become ever more serious if a diagnosis is not reached in the early days of this condition.
  • These 6 Natural "Doctors" Will Give You All The Help You Need To Live Well

    Following these 6 natural doctors might cost more at the outset but think of it as an important investment in your health, making it so much less likely that you will need to go to a medical doctor for some time to come .
  • 8 Health Reasons to Check Your Hands & Nails for Changes in Appearance

    In the past when doctors had less diagnostic tools to call upon, they would examine the hands of their patient for extra information. Apparently h...