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These 6 Natural "Doctors" Will Give You All The Help You Need To Live Well

amoils - 6 best doctors

Forget the medications, the vaccines and the processed and convenience foods and turn to these 6 natural doctors to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and generally promote good health and well being. Here are those 6

#1 Sunshine

In the past few decades, the cosmetic industry has been actively promoting the use of skin blocks by building up a fear of sunshine which is partly why many now suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Sunshine, and the vitamin D hormone it produces, makes us “feel good”. So forget the sunscreens with their toxic and even cancer causing ingredients because every tissue in our bodies needs vitamin D and will not work correctly if we do not get enough. There are so many conditions that can be improved or even completely eliminated by ensuring high vitamin D levels. The very best way is through safe exposure of sunshine followed by vitamin D3 supplementation if necessary. Expose as much skin as possible for 20 minutes or so (until the skin starts to turn slightly pink) during those two hours on the either side of midday. See here for more information on testing your levels.

#2 Water

Drinking plenty of water is the perfect way to hydrate and get rid of toxins but the quality is important. Even supposedly “safe from disease” water straight from your faucet can have many dangerous contaminants – including chlorine and fluoride – with more than 2,100 known chemical toxins present in USA tap water. Corrosion of old water pipes can lead to the leaching of toxic heavy metals into the water after it has been treated. Although useful in emergency situations, many bottled brands are no different than filtered tap water and their impact on the environment is huge. Invest in a high quality home water filter but as there are many types of systems, it is important to do a bit of research before buying one.

#3 Rest

Rest, and of course good quality and sufficient sleep, should be one of your top priorities as too many people think of sleep as something that can be sacrificed in favor of everything else. If you over do it, listen to your body and take some rest especially after Doctor # 5 below – Exercise! Melatonin is vital to ensure good sleeping habits. As it is only produced during darkness, make sure your room is darkened when it is time to sleep. Light stimulates that part of the brain that tells the pineal gland to decrease the melatonin level when it is daytime and to increase it when it is night time and dark. Difficult to sleep without some light? Then reduce any light source gradually to improve both the quality of your sleep and the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep and get that rest.

#4 Air

Some people go the whole winter without opening their windows so no wonder homes can be 10 times more polluted than outside. Even in winter, windows should be opened for at least a few minutes each day to let the air circulate and refresh the oxygen, naturally. In the summer, there should be fresh air coming in all the time. House plants are a great way to purify the air. Outside fresh air is important too - we always feel better when we can get out into the fresh air - whatever the weather. “Green exercise” refers to physical exercise when undertaken in a relatively natural environment. While physical exercise is well-known to provide health benefits, being in a natural environment (and the fresh air) has calming and positive mood effects.

#5 Exercise

It reduces depression and instantly lifts your mood with the production of endorphins, more feel-good hormones. Exercise also helps you sleep better. Another benefit is decreasing stress levels. Exercise improves focus and mental clarity while improving strength and stamina and increases muscle tone, leaving you looking more defined and boosting self-esteem and self-confidence. Exercise can improve balance and coordination, as well as cardiovascular fitness, helping reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. With regular exercise, there is a decreased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Exercise increases bone strength and of course is paramount in promoting a healthy immune system. It is important to find a form of exercise that you like and will continue to enjoy.

#6 Diet

Eating foods that are as close to their natural state as possible is key to improving your diet naturally. Change from processed, convenience or take out foods to cooked-from-scratch meals at home. Include natural healthy fats - olive oil, coconut oil, raw butter – and ditch the unhealthy manufactured trans fats. Don’t be taken in by the “low fat” labels either as the fat is often replaced with sugar or other fattening substances. Use fermented foods and probiotics to help put back the natural flora in the gut and boost your immunity. One of the easiest changes is to eat plenty of fresh (and preferably raw) vegetables, fruits, herbs and nuts of all types and all colors every day. Even if you are not happy with a particular taste, add in a small amount to a daily smoothie where it will be disguised by other tastes. Look for fresh fruit and vegetables from a local supplier (organic if possible) but the closer the source of this food is to your home, the fresher it will be. Enjoy natural salt (and not processed) together with all the health giving spices such as cayenne pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, chilli peppers, oregano, ginger and top of the list – garlic – for tastier, healthy suppers and other meals. Cut down or out sugar, artificial sweeteners, sodas, cakes and pastries and and of course GM foods. Change to free range organic eggs and poultry and grass fed, humanely reared meat and dairy. Cut back on wheat and certain whole grains which are behind so many modern health problems. Stock up on super foods that are always real, natural foods including kale, sweet potatoes, beans, blueberries, broccoli, oats, oranges, pumpkin, salmon from safe sources, spinach, tomatoes, walnuts and many more. People often complain about the cost of following these 6 natural doctors – especially #6 – but think of it as an important investment in your health, making it so much less likely that you will need to go to a medical doctor for some time to come.