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Change of Season? Time to De-Clutter!


No matter how careful you are to prevent hoarding and clutter, just about everyone will have some areas in their home that need attention.  

The end of summer is a good time to have a re-think about what you can do in your spaces to achieve some de-cluttering.

We share some steps you can take to make this task less daunting.

While every home is different, there are some hotspots in almost all of them that are particularly prone to clutter.

We share what some of these hotspots are so you can make a great start.

Have you got your cardboard boxes ready - labelled with the signs: KEEP - DONATE - DISCARD.

Too many duplicates in your home?

The kitchen is most likely to have lots of duplicates. 

These can include mugs, storage containers, cutting boards, spatulas and many more. 

Make the decision to put aside some time to go through your cupboards and drawers in your kitchen and get rid of many of those duplicates.

Bulky appliances in your kitchen

We are not saying that you have to get rid of these appliances altogether.  Instead, only keep out on display those appliances that are actually used on a daily basis. 

The rest should be stored away so they can just be taken out when needed.  Your kitchen counters will thank you for a more streamlined and less cluttered appearance.

Sorting out the sock drawer

Everyone has a sock drawer and everyone has single socks that have long lost their partners but we keep putting that single sock back in the drawer in the hope that its mate will turn up. You know that in nine cases out of ten, that partner will not appear! 

So make the decision to be ruthless and get rid of all the single socks.  And while you are at it, get rid of any with holes in them.  Most of us don't darn holes these days.  Old socks can go into the cleaning cloths/rags bag for a second life.

That toy box needs a de-clutter too

If you have young children in your home, then their toys can quickly multiply.  Your children might not be happy to get rid of some of those toys but you need to convince them and yourself it can be beneficial to their play because too much choice can be overwhelming, leading to loss of focus.  Less stuff means easier for tidy up time too. 

Start by focussing on broken toys, full coloring pads, used sticker books and anything that no longer has a use. Move on to those toys that they have outgrown or are no longer favorites.

Decluttering toys also gives you the opportunity to explain to your children the importance of sharing and giving.  Those toys still in good condition can be donated to charity shops, nurseries or family centers for a second life.

While you are at it, think about improving and investing in some extra storage for the remaining toys.

Towels and linens

The more storage you have for your towels and bedding, the more likely you are to need go through the spaces with a fine tooth comb, removing worn-out towels, blankets and sheets and anything else that really no longer serves a purpose.  Animal shelters are always in need of these items. 

Cleaning products 

There has been a huge swing from toxic chemical laden cleaning products to greener more natural ones.  So ideally, this is a good time to introduce those eco friendly products in your home and to get rid of the old including empty containers and those past their expiry dates.  Vinegar and other household products can often be used for cleaning.  At the same time, check all your cleaning cloths and dusters as well as cleaning equipment such as vacuums, mops, brooms and dustpans and brushes.  You may well have too many of the same item in which case, jettison the oldest applying the no duplicates rule!   

Entrance hall and/or coat closet

If you have coat storage close to your front door, it can become a real dumping ground by every member of the family as they come in.  Of course, it is not necessary for every single item of outerwear needs to live in your entryway at all times.

Make the decision to only store for the current season and when you change from one season to another, take the opportunity to get rid of items you no longer want or wear each time, too.

Makeup and skincare products

Many of us cling on to those cosmetics in the bathroom or the bedroom even when we no longer use them or perhaps have never used them.  Remember that many items of makeup have an expiry date so checking that is the first thing to do when de-cluttering.

Our own range of skin care products are all natural and gentle with a long shelf life in their dark glass bottles. 

Treat yourself to some of these products as a reward when you have successfully de-cluttered your own special spaces!




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